How can answers come before questions?

Once you asked questions
Hundreds and thousands of questions
Each cracked one window a little bit more

But now your prayers have no questions
No questions you recognize
You stopped asking that something arrive
And started asking to be led

Janet Conner "Do You Feel That Breeze"


After 22 years of deep soul writing, you’d think I’d be past being floored by just how miraculous a process this is.

After 22 years, you’d think I’d no longer be surprised by what can happen on the page.

After 22 years, you’d think I’d have uncovered all the wonders this mystical writing practice has to offer. Maybe even be ready to move on to something else.

You’d be wrong. So very wrong.

After 22 years, I’m even more in love with this elegant, simple way to drop into The Mystic. I wake with a smile on my face because I know when I open my journal, I will touch and be touched by the Mystery of Love once more.

And what a touch.

Let me give you the latest example. An example that shocked me.

On Monday, I returned from ten days in Minnesota. When I planned this trip, I thought I was going to offer my first Speed of Love concert and my first Original Prayer retreat.

That’s not what happened.

I canceled the retreat before I left. I wasn’t sure why, but I followed my strong gut instinct to refund the registrations and clear my calendar.

I stayed with my sister and sister-in-law, Mary and Mary’n, but they both had to work, so I wasn’t sure what I’d be doing once the concert was over.

I arrived on a Saturday and met with the musicians in Sofia on Sunday to plan the concert for Wednesday. I brought an outline that introduced my four new definitions of prayer and offered one prayer from me and one song from Sofia to give the audience an experience of each definition.

As we practiced, I began with the first new definition of prayer as love songs—love songs of your personal, intimate sacred marriage with the Beloved.

For my love song, I read “All Night”—a pretty steamy prayer.

Then I turned to Sofia and asked what they had for a sacred love song and they launched into “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

What! Elvis? A prayer!

When I heard Sofia sing it as a sacred love song, I felt the Beloved looking into my eyes and singing, “I can’t help falling in love with you.”

I will never hear that song any other way.

The day before the concert, I practiced my opening part. Standing in Mary and Mary’n’s living room, I looked out at my imaginary audience and said, “Welcome to Experience the Speed of Love, a new kind of experience of prayer, of concert, of prayer as concert.”

That much I had written.

But then, I surprised myself by saying, “Or, as Rod Serling would say, a whole new dimension of prayer. A whole new dimension of concert. A whole new dimension of prayer as concert, concert as prayer.”

I wasn’t expecting The Twilight Zone!

That was just the beginning.

Next, I found myself bending down to the floor as I said, “Together, you and I are going to dive deep into that dimension, a dimension I love to call The Mystic…” and as I reached the floor, my arms spread out as I talked about exploring prayer—the essence of prayer—and meeting the Beloved, not as an idea or being, but as original love. Then as my arms pointed back up and swept around in a giant circle, I talked about the vibration of love touching you and you begin to move, opens your throats and you begin to sing, cracks your heart open and you begin to pray, but, I said, “you are not moving, you are being moved, you are not singing you are being sung, you are not praying, you are being prayed. Prayed at the speed of love.”

And then I would turn to Sofia and they would sing those words. You've heard them. They are the theme song for Praying at the Speed of Love.

I liked what happened—Rod Serling and all—and practiced my open for the live concert.

What I didn’t know is that I was practicing for much more than that concert.

The concert was a sacred and thrilling event for me, for Sofia, and especially for the people in the audience who told me they had profound experiences of this new dimension of prayer.

After the concert, I had four days with nothing to do but sit under Mary and Mary’n’s maple tree, breathing in lilac and wisteria, and listening to the birds visiting the elaborate bird hotel in the next yard.

And soul read and soul write of course.

So, as it turns out, there was a retreat, it was just a retreat for one person. One person who didn’t know she was giving herself a retreat.

And what a retreat it turned out to be!

As I sat in their back yard, I alternated between reading Mysteries of the Dark Moon and When God Was a Woman and soul writing about all I was taking in.

Suddenly, I began writing about a whole new in-person experience called Goddess Rising. An experience that awakens a bone-deep memory for an intimate group of women as we move around an image of a sacred fire, invoke the ancient goddesses, honor what our sisters created long before patriarchy—agriculture, justice, writing, divination, and medicine, tune into the phases of the moon, and embody some of my original prayers.

And that Rod Serling deep dive down into The Mystic?

That’s the opening movement. I’m in love with this natural movement. My body somehow remembers it as a way to open the mystical realms.

You will learn it on opening night of the new intensive, Deep Soul Writing in The Mystic.

When I told Mary’n about this goddess-remembering download I had received, her eyes got big and she blurted out, “I have to make you a quilt!”

She was as surprised as I was. She’s in the process right now of designing the first Sacred Fire Quilt. (Watch future blogs where the Goddess Rising ceremony will be held, starting in Minnesota when Mary’n finishes the quilt, then in yoga studios in Florida and anywhere else the quilt and I are invited.)

When I got back to Florida, I stayed in retreat mode for two more days, soul writing at length about all that happened—none of which I had planned—and I came to a startling realization.

A realization that dropped me even deeper into The Mystic. And reminded me why it’s so important and sacred that I invite you to join me in Deep Soul Writing in The Mystic.

Before I tell you what I realized, I want to mention questions. If you’ve read Writing Down Your Soul, you know there are over 40 pages dedicated to the types of questions that access information in the quantum field—information you do not currently have.

Questions, I wrote, are probes going out into the vastness to retrieve exactly what you need in that moment.

I’ve been in love with questions for decades. It was questions that activated my divine voice 22 years ago and questions that guided me gently but firmly through chaos, pain, and fear into a life of peace, purpose, and joy.

So you may be surprised by what I’m about to say. I certainly was when it first came through on my pages this week.

As I was reviewing all that happened in Minnesota and the arrival of the goddess ceremony, I found myself returning over and over again to the word remember.

The ceremony, I realized, isn’t something I’m creating, it’s something a part of me is remembering. That’s why it came through in such thorough detail at the speed of love, sort of a giant whoosh onto the page.

And then I flashed on remember as the keyword in my personal year prayer—a prayer I said for the first time on my 71st birthday last Sunday in Minnesota and a prayer I will say every day for the next two years as I begin of my daily soul writing.

I’ll teach you how to write your own personal year prayer in Deep Soul Writing in The Mystic and use it every day to open The Mystic.

Here’s mine:

As I step into my 2-year Mystic 16 Tower of Love walk,

I remember who I am:
I am your prayer artist

I remember who I have always been:
I have always been your priestess of love

I remember how you want me to walk:
unafraid, unafraid, unafraid

I remember Original Prayer:
forever ancient, always new

And I remember that I am here to transmute prayer
in partnership with my Beloved

And to this I commit my heart

Do you see the word remember? It repeats 5 times.

Well, in deep soul writing I realized I had just received the ANSWER to an essential question, but it was a question I never asked. Not on the page. Not even in my mind.

The unspoken question is: HOW can I be your prayer artist?

I received the answer without ever asking the question.

I received a profound answer. An answer I’ll be living for the next two years.

Do you see? In The Mystic everything is reversed.

It is no longer necessary, or perhaps even desirable, to ask questions. Instead, your role in deep soul writing is now simply to be available. Available to the wisdom, beauty, grace and love that is seeking to come alive in you.

And how do you make yourself available?

This is the heart and soul of Deep Soul Writing in The Mystic.

And it is my sacred task and great joy to share with you everything I know about how deep soul writing opens the doors to The Mystic, creating an open space in which everything you need arrives—even if you never ask.

I have taught deep soul writing for 11 years.
But never like this.
This is, just as Rod Serling said, a whole new dimension.

Just a few of the things you’ll explore in Deep Soul Writing in The Mystic:

  • how to the spiral penetrates the mystic
  • how to create and call your personal council of divine beings
  • how to anoint yourself for soul writing, opening all your portals and chakras to mystical guidance
  • how to sanctify your journal
  • how to infuse your soul writing with the vibrations of the sun, moon, and personal year
  • how to find the natural rhythm of your mystical practice (the secret to actually doing it!)
  • how to harness the wild eclipse and moon energies of July (And it is a wild wild month. It's no accident we are gathering in July. Thank goodness Emma Kupu Mitchell studies with great astrologers and is making a bonus video for us about the eclipses, Cancer, new and full moons, and more.)
  • how to track your soul writing with the phases of the moon

And more!

We meet for 5 Tuesdays starting on the New Moon on July 2 and continue until the New Moon energy returns on July 30.

Don’t be concerned if you can’t be with us live, everything is recorded.

Please don’t wait to register. You’ll want to watch some of the bonus videos before we gather for the first session so you're ready to dive straight into The Mystic on opening day as we write together.

We will soul write together in every session. When one person enters the mystical theta brain wave state, all enter. Something very magical happens when we write together.

I can’t wait to see your face as you discover for yourself how things work in The Mystic. Here’s a wee taste:

You don’t summon wisdom; she summons you.
She has always been summoning you.
You are, at last, ready to get out of your own way and begin to hear her exquisite love song.

Deep Soul Writing In the Mystic

Deep Soul Writing in The Mystic

to getting answers before you even think to ask!


PS I will not teach deep soul writing again this year or next. So please join us now. Soul writing is THE foundational mystical practice for all my intensives. If you wish to receive the full mystical wisdom and grace of any of my intensives come to this one and learn to soul write.

PSS: If you've taken a Writing Down Your Soul course in the last ten years, you're in a for a big surprise. This is radically different and much much deeper. Please join me in The Mystic!

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