The moon, soul writing, July, and you

The thread of our year is all about putting discipline and focus in the direction of putting your spiritual practice first.

It is only through deep and abiding spiritual practice that any of us will get through intact enough to continue to be of service to the world.

Astrologer, Michael Lennox 


When I picked the dates for the Deep Soul Writing in The Mystic intensive, I had no idea how perfect the timing would turn out to be.

I just knew I was called to offer a whole new way to learn and experience soul writing, helping people drop deep and fast into The Mystic.

And what a whole new way it is turning out to be!

One of the new elements is tracking our soul writing day-by-day with the phases of the moon.

I first explored the moon phases with Emma Kupu Mitchell in our The Moon and Me intensive. Emma encouraged us to track our creative energy every day on a round chart showing the moon waxing and waning over a 28-30 day period.

I started tracking on April 5 with the beginning of the new astrological year, and within one month I was surprised to see just how in sync my creative flow was with the flow of the moon.

It’s a whole new insight into the cosmic truth: as above, so below. 

So I continued to track my soul writing with the moon in May and June. With each month, my awareness of the synchronicity grew.

So now, for this new intensive, I’m creating a unique soul writing-moon wheel and I'm diving deep into the vibration of each phase of the moon looking for how those phases nourish the sacred seeds we are planting in our lives.

Because tracking the energy of the moon is so powerful, I thought it would be wise to start the intensive in a dark phase of the moon then track our soul writing through an entire turn of the wheel. I glanced at my moon calendar and saw that there’s only one month with two new moons, one month that allows us to flow through the whole moon wheel: July.

And so, the intensive has to be in July.

And if the only thing we tracked was the relationship of our soul writing with the energy of the moon, it would be mystical medicine enough.

But there’s more going on in the sky above. And every bit of it is speaking to the call of the soul to enter into a deep personal communion with the One who love us.

Listen to the brilliant astrologer, Michael Lennox on June 18:

“The thread of our year is all about putting discipline and focus in the direction of putting your spiritual practice first. As we put the effort in, the benefits that we can receive are exponential.

Truly, with the madness of the world as it now is, and the escalations of that madness that are sure to come, it is only through deep and abiding spiritual practice that any of us will get through intact enough to continue to be of service to the world.” 

And these bits on July:

“It’s time to integrate our walk and our talk and July is crucial to that end.”

“July is a very challenging passage but so important and valuable to long range growth.”

Well, now. That’s strong language, isn’t it. But when you read Michael (and all astrologers) they sound like a vast choir singing an intense song with a repeating chorus begging us to wake up. Wake up. Everyone is needed now. The time of sleepwalking is over.

But our old ways of waking up aren’t working any more, are they.

Positive affirmations don’t do the trick.
Begging prayers just bounce off the wall.
And seeking personal bliss? That’s just oblivion with a pretty name.

It’s time for clarity.
It’s time for focus.
It’s time to bring our sacred medicine to life.
It’s time for deep abiding strength.

Strength to seek the truth.
Strength to speak the truth.
Strength to stand up for the truth.

Especially in a world that doesn’t want to hear a word about the truth.

The single best way I know:

  • to find clarity on what is mine and what is not…
  • to focus my attention on my sacred medicine…
  • to hear the call of my sacred medicine…
  • to tap the well of constantly renewing strength…

Is a daily mystical writing practice.

And guess what? The biggest stumbling block isn’t the “mystical writing practice” piece. I can teach that to you easily. And you will start writing easily.

The problem is that little word daily.

Daily. That's the number one block between you and The Mystic.

  • That’s why we’re going to soul write every day for 28 days.
  • That’s why we’re going to track what’s unfolding in our lives under the waxing and waning light of mother moon.
  • That’s why we’re going to go through the whole soul writing process together in all five sessions.

And that’s why this intensive has to be in July.

Emma Kupu Mitchell has been studying with mystical astrologers for several years. Tomorrow, she and I are recording a bonus video for Deep Soul Writing in The Mystic outlining all the powerful energies unfolding in July.

Starting with a solar eclipse on opening night!

Join us.

And find the clarity, focus, memory, strength—and joy—that bubbles up from The Mystic when you show up every day, pen in hand, open and receptive to the Voice of the One who knows who you really are. And why you are here.

We meet every Tuesday at 7pm eastern. (details in the link below.) Everything is recorded so don't be concerned if you can't be with us live.

We are now 75 souls in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Greece, Denmark, and Australia.

And the next seat is yours.

Deep Sould Writing in the Mystic

Deep Soul Writing in The Mystic 

to writing under the moon , 


PS: I will not teach deep soul writing again this year or next. So please join us now. Soul writing is THE foundational mystical practice for all my intensives. If you wish to receive the full mystical wisdom and grace of any of my intensives come to this one and learn to soul write.

PSS: If you've taken a Writing Down Your Soul course in the last ten years, you're in a for a big surprise. This is radically different and much much deeper. Please join me in The Mystic!

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