How the world looks through Theta eyes


Last week I talked a bit about the theta brainwave state as the brainwave of love. This is a nascent idea, not only to me but to the world.

Want proof?

When I googled: “Is theta the brainwave of love?” last week, the results were largely about measuring neuropeptides in the brain when you’re falling in love. Yes, “falling in love” is love, but it’s a very narrow definition of the word, leaving out a vast array of experiences and emotions. And, aside from a few brain scans of master meditators like the Dalai Lama, there is very little research on cosmic love.

So just now, Saturday November 23, I thought I’d try googling that question again.


Ten guesses what shows up on the first page? Last Sunday’s Notes from the Field converted to a blog post on Monday.

I dare say that’s massive proof that I’m exploring new ground. And I’m happy to do so. In fact, I’m ALL IN.

Lately, my deep soul writing and deep soul talking (I’m in constant conversation with Sophia) has been dancing down and around this concept of a relationship between theta—the brainwave of creativity that has been suppressed by our patriarchal systems—and the only thing that can transmute patriarchy into reverence: love.

Big cosmic, juicy, outrageously creative love. Maybe I should put that in caps: LOVE.

Emma Kupu Mitchell and Keren Brown and I had a rich idea session two days ago on how different the world looks when we drop from beta to alpha to theta.

Here's a capsule overview. This will be thoroughly explored in our January intensive.

With each successive drop, you see a whole new world.

  • In Beta, the world is a sea of duality with winners and losers and no matter where you look, you see that you are not performing well enough
  • When you drop into Alpha, you begin to see the subtle energetic world of connections and meaning
  • When you train yourself to drop from alpha to theta, you begin to see the mystical or imaginal realm, where everything is in a love relationship with everything else
  • Finally in Delta, the cosmic world of symbology opens up in dreams

I'm not completely alone here.

There is one brilliant scientist who has talked about this. In an article titled, "The Basic Building Blocks of Life," Meg Wheatley wrote,

“The scientific search for the basic building blocks of life has revealed a startling fact: there are none. The deeper that physicists peer into the nature of reality, the only thing they find is relationships. Even sub-atomic particles do not exist alone. One physicist described neutrons, electrons, etc. as ‘…a set of relationships that reach outward to other things.’ Although physicists still name them as separate, these particles aren’t ever visible until they’re in relationship with other particles. Everything in the Universe is composed of these ‘bundles of potentiality’ that only manifest their potential in relationship.”

This is where all my prayer intensives for 2020 are going. And it all begins in January with:

Theta—The Radical Path of Love Hidden in Your Brainwaves

If you know me, you know I had to do the numerology on that title.

First up, I laughed out loud when I saw that Theta and Love have the identical vibration: 9. Nine is completion, wholeness, the full expression of the divine feminine.

The full title comes to an 11/2, the master number of cosmic love.

Feels like that title has the Goddess’ stamp of approval.

Emma and Keren and I are working on the content. You’ll be invited to join by mid December. We’ll open January 13, 2020. (which, just in case you’re wondering, is a 9. Another Goddess wink.)

In the meantime, I leave you with this prayer, received just days after hearing “prayer artist” in the night.

I read this on Tuesday to Peter Booth, the world’s great Hafiz translator, when we recorded the first episode for year 2 of Praying at the Speed of Love, which will air January 16. I always read one of my prayers at the end of each podcast, but this time I thought maybe I shouldn’t. After all we’d just spent an hour with Hafiz, considered THE poet of love.

I took a very deep breath and read this to Peter. When I was finished, I finally worked up the courage to look at his face. He was staring at me in shock.

Peter said, “You must get your prayers published.” It felt like a stamp of approval from Hafiz himself.


This prayer describes what it looks like and feels like to see and hear and walk in Theta.


This Moment

©Janet Conner, March 21, 2018, soul writing on the vernal equinox, heard a tiny sound, looked up, and noticed the first drops of rain on the pavers outside

That first tinkle before I know it’s rain…Amen

That first breath before I know I’m awake…Amen

That first sip before I know what I’m tasting…Amen

That first sniff before I know I’m on fire…Amen

That first chord of silent music—
I’m not sure I hear it
Can’t quite catch the tune
But my heart knows it
My heart knows it by heart

That spinning moment—
When the clear road fades
and then disappears
But my feet keep walking
I know not where

That dropping moment—
When the floor between worlds cracks open
I stumble, I trip
I plummet, I land

And everything has changed

That moment
That moment when I know you are here
That moment when I realize you never left

One moment
Our moment
This moment

I am beginning to remember what I never forgot

To remembering how to see through Theta eyes of LOVE!   


PS I'm not going to run a new episode of Praying at the Speed of Love this Thursday. It's Thanksgiving in America and I'm giving myself the day off. There are 18 rich conversations on post-patriarchal prayer waiting for you. Podcasts 

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