It’s my birthday—and the gift is for you!

I do two things unusual things to honor my birthday.

Not a party or dinner or presents. Those don’t set my heart on fire.

I want to do something on my birthday that applauds my soul for making the outrageous choice to come into this world.

It’s taken me a long time to find what that is. And I had to find it on my own. Because what society offers doesn’t do much for me:

  • Cake? Ice cream? Nah. I don’t like sweets.
  • Party? For this introvert, parties are downright painful.
  • Presents? The last thing I need is more stuff.
  • Dinner? Maybe, if my son were in town.

You see the problem.

And yet, here comes this important moment when a little soul took her first breath 71 years ago—and I want to honor that breath in some sacred way.

So, here’s what I do.

First, I have an annual Depth Numerology consultation with Emma Kupu Mitchell.

I have now had 3 of these sessions and with each successive year, I fall even more in love and in awe at the wisdom contained in the sacred vibration of the numbers my soul chose in my birthdate and name.

And I fall more in love and in awe at the brilliance with which Emma communicates it.

She lays it all out in what looks like an intricate puzzle filled with secret symbolism. But then she helps me see it through her eyes—eyes trained in the wisdom of Pythagoras—and piece by piece, layer by layer, I begin to see the rich potential waiting for me in the year ahead.

Three years ago, Emma blew my mind when she said, “You will be a different person when this year is over.” Well, now. Didn’t that ever turn out to be true, first with “Sophia’s Voice” and then “Prayer Artist.” This year that is just ending has been a year of memory, remembering who I am and why I’m here.

So what is the essence of the year that is beginning—my 71st year? The mystical wisdom of my name and birthday are pointing toward even deeper transmutation for not just one year, but two!

Now, my favorite word is “deep.” And since I discovered deep soul writing 22 years ago, I’ve dropped deeper and deeper into The Mystic with each passing year. So I think I’m ready. And if not ready, at least open. I am open to the divine feminine moving in and through and as me, carrying me where my soul longs to go.

As you’ve heard me say over and over and over again, my job is to say yes. And I say yes to walking deep in The Mystic in my 71st and 72nd years.

OK, so that’s what I do for myself to honor my birthday.

Next, I do something for you.

You, the subscribers to these Notes from the Field. You, the readers of my books, members of my intensives, and listeners to Praying at the Speed of Love.

For the last 3 years, I have given YOU a gift on my birthday—a big discount on my courses. Hundreds of you have waited till my birthday to stock up on my deep soul exploration courses.

But this year is different. Because I’m not teaching those five courses anymore.

Thanks to Prayer Artist, I’m offering a whole new kind of mystical community experience: prayer intensives. Seven of them so far. Five Ho‛oponopono prayer intensives with Kahu Lahela Johnson and two multi-sensory mystical adventures with Emma Kupu Mitchell. Each one more magnificent than the one before.

This is what I want to give you. The OnDemand versions include ALL the recordings, sessions, bonuses, and PDFs of the original.

5 Ho‛oponopono Prayer Intensives

  • The Goddess Forgives—discover the power of Ho‛oponopono to heal present and past
  • The Goddess Forgives Me—heal personal and generational patriarchal abuse
  • The Goddess Forgives Us All—Marriage of Wholeness uniting your wisdom and energy—masculine and feminine—energy streams
  • The Goddess Forgives; My Body Heals—your personal animal guide and natal Chiron guide you to heal your core wounds
  • Ho‛oponopono for Mother Earth—enter Mother Earth, meet Madame Pele, cut cords of greed that harm the planet

2 Adventures in The Mystic with Emma

  • Your Three Fields in 2019—learn how to create 3 essential energy fields: prayerscape, landscape, bodyscape
  • The Moon and Me in 2019—discover the cosmic wisdom of the moon and nodes in your natal chart

Live intensives started at $135 or $123.
On Demand versions are $77.
For my birthday, take another 35% off.
Final cost is just $50.

They won’t be available at this rate again.

Want to know why the gift is 35%?

Because my birthday is 6-16-1948 and those numbers reduce to 35/8. That means my soul chose this path:

3—creativity and communication +
5—self-discipline and divine expansion =
8—mastery, power, success

I’m giving you my birthday gift early because I’ll be leaving in June for the first Speed of Love concert at Unity of Minneapolis on June 12 and the first Original Prayer Retreat on my birthday.

So the 35% birthday gift discount starts May 12 and ends Sunday, June 2.

You can put 1 intensive in your cart or all 7. Then add the coupon code Birthday35

Want to give prayer intensives as a gift?

Simply put the recipient’s name and email in the Note line when you pay. I’ll send the intensives to them and copy you so you know your gift was delivered.

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Prayer Intensives

Scroll past the live events to the 7 On Demand versions. You'll recognize them because they have a clock. Here's what The Goddess Forgives: My Body Heals on demand looks like:

The Goddess Forgives My Body Heals On-Demand. My birthday gift to you!

Put any or all of the seven OnDemand intensives in your cart and add the coupon code:


to celebrating the wonder of all our births, 


PS Want to have a FULL outrageous, glorious prayer experience in PERSON?

Join me, the musicians in "Sofia," and 10 special souls for the first and only Original Prayer Weekend Retreat June 14-16 in St Paul.

Here's the page:

Original Prayer Weekend 

  • Watch the video with Carin Vagle and Dean Magraw offering a taste of how we will create and experience "Medicine Melody"
  • Listen to the theme song from my podcast that "Sofia" created to give you a sense for what it will feel like to spend a weekend immersed in holy sound
  • Watch the teary video I made with Emma about "Speed of Love" sacred anointing oil
  • Click on the images to see all the rich events day by day

Then Register!

Want a prayer intensive to help you get ready?

Register for the Original Prayer Weekend retreat and send me an email with the name of the intensive you'd like.

Consider it an early retreat gift!

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