Listen as 2021 sings her song on a labyrinth

The year of the body--Week 46

in which we listen carefully and hear 2021 sing her song 

Friends, soul writers, mystics, and lovers of prayer,

The 12th edition of The Lotus and the Lily opens today, Monday, November 15.

After leading 11 groups in this magical process starting in 2010, you might assume I understand this 30-day process completely. After all, I did write the book! Or you might think that after all this time surely I’m getting a bit weary of leading it. Or that the result has become pretty predictable.

You’d be wrong. Oh, so very wrong.

The Lotus and the Lily is a mystical prayer process. And like all things mystical, it’s alive. Alive. And it leads the way. Not me.

Each year, the process is a little different. That’s one reason it’s so fun to lead. Each year, the intensive teaches me where it wants to go. And I just follow. And I am always just as amazed as you are by the power of this life-creation process.

Last November, as we gathered to complete 2020, it didn’t feel sufficient to spend just one week looking back. Too much had happened over those 12 months of Covid and quarantine to digest in seven days. I knew we needed more time, but didn’t know what we should do in those two weeks.

Until my dear friend, Emma Kupu Mitchell said, “let’s walk a labyrinth.”

Emma had just completed Veriditas training on how to lead labyrinth groups and had learned how to “walk” a finger labyrinth to look back at the chaos of 2020 and make some sense of it.

Sounded perfect to me.

So Emma taught the members of last year’s Lotus and Lily intensive what she had learned and together we explored how the ancient mystical practice of walking a labyrinth can reveal and heal all that wants to be revealed and healed.

I was flabbergasted at how powerful the labyrinth is as a look-back tool and decided to repeat it this year.

But, when Emma and I got together to record a new video on how to look back on the labyrinth for this year’s Lotus and Lily, we discovered new ways to do it and whole new depths of meaning and possibility.

For that alone, this 2021 edition of The Lotus and The Lily would be amazing, but something else happened this year that changed and deepened everything.

If you’ve been reading these Notes from the Field all year, you know that I created the largest event of my life, The Return of the Witches Jeanne d’Arc Listening Pilgrimage this past summer.

At least a dozen miraculous things emerged in that pilgrimage. But there was one in particular that altered forever how I lead all my prayer intensives.

It’s called the Theatre of the Miraculous.

It emerged when I joked with one of the witches’ champions that she was the star of the show, I was “just the director.” But the next day in deep soul writing, I realized that wasn’t a joke after all.

I actually am a director and producer in the Theatre of the Miraculous. And miracles truly do happen.

It took several days of deep soul writing with My Beloved Mother Sophia to get my arms even slightly wrapped around this mystical way of living.

Please understand that the miracles don’t happen because of me. They happen because the members of the intensive, the community, become a living vessel for the Sacred Feminine to be present. It’s She who does the magic.

I recognized this because the entire premise of everything I do as a prayer artist is: You are not praying, you are being prayed.

But I’d never taken that concept all the way to its full expression as a whole community that isn’t praying, it's a whole community that is being prayed.

It took me a while to articulate what the Theatre of the Miraculous is and how it works. This is where I am with it so far:

The Theatre of the Miraculous

As our Community gathers,
we become individual and collective
mystical Containers for the Contained
to be present, heard, seen, and felt

Unexpected miraculous Conceptions happen

And with those seeds, we receive the
guidance, grace, courage, and strength we need
to become living Conduits and bring our
unique and sacred medicines into the world

It’s She—the uncontainable Contained—who activates a sacred seed in us, a seed of the life we are here to live.

This is magic. Holy magic. And it’s a delicious way to live.

We no longer have to try to think our way through the morass of life. Trying to logically think our way through life hasn’t worked for anybody, so I, for one, am delighted to put down that patriarchal linear burden and pick up the spiral magic of living in communion and service with the Divine.

From now on, all my intensives will be offered in this Theatre of the Miraculous.

And nothing fits the theatre more perfectly than The Lotus and the Lily, which has always been about getting off the linear track of setting goals and working to exhaustion to try to achieve them.

Whether this will be your 12th Lotus and Lily or your first, I do hope you'll join the global community gathering to listen on the labyrinth as 2021 sings her song.

And once we hear that song and honor and integrate it, we'll be ready to invite the Beloved Contained to guide us into a full and beautiful expression of the life that wants to be lived in and through and as us in 2022.

Join The Lotus and the Lily

We gather LIVE on 5 Mondays at 7-9:15pm Eastern starting November 15.

For our UK/Europe members, there is a Watch Party on Thursdays at 7pm UK/8pm Europe.

There is also a special Hana I Ka Pono event on Saturday, Dec 4 at 2pm.

And a Mandala celebration on Sunday, January 9 at 2pm Eastern.

Everything is recorded if you can't be with us live. Please NOTE that this intensive will NOT be offered on demand.

Be sure to look at all the rich new bonus videos and PDF Handbooks. It's all waiting for you on the resource page when you register.

The Lotus and The Lily 2021-2022

to the joy and wonder of living in the Theatre of the Miraculous

PS: The Lotus and the Lily will NOT be available on demand. So do please register now even if you will be watching the recordings later.

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