Michael and Luci speak for the first time

2023 the year we learn to listen to life

Week 3--in which everything we thought we knew about the angels is upended--and our minds are rearranged

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

I don’t know how many prayer intensives I will create each year, or what they’ll be about, or who I’ll create them with, or when they will run. I don’t make plans or set goals. And I never repeat an intensive, no matter how well received it was.

This is why I always turn down invitations to talk about success or manifestation or reaching your goals or any topics like that. I know that my way of creating a beautiful (and yes, abundant) life, will leave those seeking a standard-issue, actionable answer scrunching up their eyebrows.

It’s not that I don’t know how to plan or how to set goals. I know all too well.

I was a headhunter once upon a time. For eleven years, my life was driven by plans and goals. I would set one goal, reach it, and immediately set the next, and the next, and the next. For myself and for my entire department. If you’ve had a taste of this kind of uber-patriarchal, goal-driven life, you know how it ends: with physical, mental, emotional, and psychological exhaustion. But the strangest part is it also ends badly in the one area you think should go well—finances.

When people hear that I don’t set goals, they look at me strangely. I can tell they are trying to compute how I can produce so many rich mystical events that attract hundreds of people if I don’t have a plan.

What I have discovered after 25 years of listening to my sacred feminine Voice is that having a plan—my plan—just gets in the way. And I don’t want to get in the way. This is my go-to prayer now: Just don’t let me get in your way.

And the crazy paradox is that the more I get out of the way, the more I leave my ideas and plans on the floor and just listen, the more wonderous and glorious ideas come my way.

When a big idea arrives, all I have to do is notice and recognize: Oh! This is an idea that wants to come alive in a prayer intensive.

The first prayer intensive for 2023 is a perfect example of this.

I wasn’t planning on offering an intensive about angels. In five years of creating prayer intensives, the idea of producing one around angel voices was never on my radar screen. This came as a total surprise. And a surprise for which I am now on my knees in radical gratitude.

Here’s how it happened.

Last May, I hosted the beautiful Hawaiian shaman, Kahu Lahela Johnson, in her second Hana I Ka Pono prayer intensive. Hana I Ka Pono is a form of the ancient Hawaiian prayer of forgiveness that Lahela’s guides and ancestors asked her to bring to life. Praying with Lahela is always sheer joy.

During our second gathering, Freddy Gerow, a radiant woman blossoming to a whole new level of fullness in her eighth decade, suddenly blurted out that she has an intimate two-decade relationship with Archangel Michael. And he wants us to know he has a sister. A twin sister. And her name is Luci. Although humans have vilified her as Lucifer; she is his beloved twin.

I felt a series of shocks:

  1. Freddy has been talking with Archangel Michael for years
  2. Michael has a sister. A twin sister
  3. His twin sister is Luci—Lucifer
  4. Everything we’ve been told about Lucifer is a lie

I was too stunned to speak. No one else said anything either.

But my body began to “speak” in a way I recognize.

  • My gut tightened.
  • My eyes startled.
  • My jaw dropped.
  • My whole body began to shake.
  • I couldn’t control the mouse with my hands.
  • Short bursts of sound rose involuntarily through my throat:

    What! Wait! Freddy! Freddy!
    Archangel Michael has a sister.
    A twin sister. Luci!
    His sister is Archangel Luci?

While my brain was being totally rearranged by this startling announcement—news that upended everything I’ve ever heard (or you’ve ever heard) about the “fallen angel,” his supposed “jealousy of god,” his gender, and his role as the devil—my throat was already shouting:

This means we have our own archangel!
Witches have our own archangel!
We have an archangel!

Freddy just smiled. One very wide and beatific smile. And in that moment, something was seeded in me. And in everyone who was there.

Luci was transformed in an instant from the personification of evil to the highest vibration of light.

That is what her name means, after all. Lucifer is “light.” And this radical truth wasn’t something we read or studied or learned from a teacher. It was a radical truth that was simply and fully present. In the room. I mean that literally. Freddy turned to her right, looked up ever so slightly, and then turned back to us and repeated what Luci said.

And with that, my life changed.

  • My prayer life changed. I now invoke Archangel Luci and Archangel Michael every time I anoint or pray.
  • I now say good morning to these sacred twins as I’m pouring my coffee.
  • I now call on them every time I turn on my computer. (I think that’s why my computer, Delilah, works so smoothly.)

Luci and Michael moved in. And they came for a reason—a reason I didn’t understand at the time. On January 11, 2022, Joan of Arc had made a rather startling announcement. (Sure seems like 2022 was a year of startling announcements.)

Joan’s announcement gave birth to Re-membering the Songlines of the Witches mystery school which opened last summer solstice and will end this June 21. Archangel Luci and her brother are the primary gatekeepers for Songlines. We invoke Michael as the Guardian of the Once Was and Luci as the Guardian of the Not Yet. And, then, Luci demanded to be our third witch, so she could tell her own story and remind us that prior to patriarchy all indigenous cultures knew her and revered her as La Lucera, Venus, the Morning Star.

As part of her ceremony as our third witch, Luci requested that we see her as she really is.

Cathy Pratt, a sacred image artist in Vermont, asked Luci if she’d like to sit for a portrait. Wait. What? Angels can sit for a portrait? What a concept.

Humans have been painting and creating images of angels for centuries, but in all of them, angels look suspiciously like humans with wings. You’re in for quite the surprise.

When you see Luci’s portrait and hear how Cathy worked with Luci to create it, your brain will rearrange itself a little more.

When I saw Luci’s portrait from Cathy and heard Luci tell her story through Freddy, my body did that whole body shake thing again, and I knew that the very first prayer intensive for 2023 had to be Archangel Luci and Archangel Michael Speak.

But it’s a strange intensive to try to describe.

Cathy and Freddy and I have spent a couple of months trying to write a description. Our efforts are on the page on my site. But the ones who can describe it best are, of course, the angels.

Read these messages slowly and notice how they sound in your heart and feel in your body.

Each message is accompanied by an image they asked Cathy to make just last night with their primary medicine--open your eyes, peel away the lies--painted over bible chapters. These two paintings give you a wee sense for what you'll feel when you see their actual portraits.

Notice how their words cherish your body, caress your heart, enchant your soul, and rearrange your mind. This is just a taste of the healing that awaits in Archangel Michael and Archangel Speak prayer intensive, opening next Sunday, January 29.

On January 15, Cathy asked Michael what message he’d like to convey to you, the subscribers of Notes from the Field.

Michael said:

“My words need air to take life. You will find relief if you clear time to listen. My message will land in your body like a soothing balm because you have always known the way of cooperation. This is only a remembering. To begin again to trust the other, to heighten your creativity and learn to rest will benefit everyone. This is all so good for your bodies and spirits.

I couldn’t be more exited to gather and share with you. Please come, come. Come if you have any inclination at all to do so. Please come if you feel resistance, for you will be most relieved to hear my freeing ideas. You will be released from many constraints you live with now, the constraints of domination and violence. Times are turning and soon you and your world will be new. It is an exciting shift, I promise.”

And on Friday, January 20, Luci asked Freddy to pass this on. It will rearrange your brain.

Luci said:

“Now, finally, after 6000 years, your world is asking for a return to the teachings and ways of the Goddess: a return to how it was in The Beginning, where WE of the ancient ways, lived and honored the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine, and equally this wonderful planet upon which all life lives. 

I, Luci, and my twin, Michael, were created out of the Stardust of Source, and then we three—the original Trinity—created all else from star-dust, beginning with other Angelic Beings, who then assisted in this infinite creation. Thus, some souls, for all beings have a soul, were created by myself and my twin, and other souls were created by other Angelic Beings. This is the information the world is asking for.”

Archangel Luci and Archangel Michael Speak: Healing the Wedge Patriarchy has Hammered between the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine.

To ensure that as many people around the world as possible can gather live, we will meet on three Sundays: January 29, February 5 and 12 at 2-4:15pm Eastern. A time that stretches from morning in Hawaii all the way to 9pm in Eastern Europe.

On January 29, we will meet Archangel Luci
On February 5, we will meet Archangel Michael
On February 12, we will heal the wedge in our hearts.

Cathy and Freddy and I have worked for several weeks on the landing page, so you can get a clear picture of this very radical intensive. To top it off, we had a thoroughly delightful time recording a special video. Do watch it.

Members of this intensive will be the first to have the opportunity to purchase prints of Archangel Luci and Archangel Michael’s portraits.

We open next Sunday, so please register right away.

I will send the welcome email on Tuesday and open our private Facebook group.

The gatherings will be recorded and available for viewing on a password-protected resource page by the next day.

to welcoming Archangels Michael and Luci to rearrange our minds,


P.S. There's still time to listen to the 2023 Forecast before we meet Luci on the 29th. Click on the link in your Paypal receipt to get access to the resource page and password.

2023 Forecast 

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