Two astonishing things your body knows about prayer

2024 a year of sacred memory, dreaming dragons, and original prayer

Week 4--in which we discover two astonishing things our bodies know about prayer (but we were never told)

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

I’ve been carrying the call to be a prayer artist for six years. From the moment I heard those words, I knew I had been dropped into a whole new territory. A strange and largely unexplored land.

There was then, and still is, no guidance on what it means to be a “prayer artist.” I know because I googled the term and was shocked that there were zero searches on the term. Zero. There are sites with prayers for artists, but it looks like no one else is calling herself a prayer artist.

That’s about to change.

In the last six years, I’ve written prayers that don’t look like any others, played with prayer, wrestled with prayer, experimented with prayer, and even worked up the courage to redefine prayer.

Redefining prayer was intimidating and daunting.

It stirred up all those “who do you think you are” voices, but I kept on plodding, listening for what prayer had to say about prayer. Not what religion had to say about prayer. We know what religion has to say. And it’s not pretty. Open any dictionary and it’ll list three components: 1) supplication, 2) of an external god figure, 3) following a formula. Does that definition make you excited to pray? I think not.

It's taken me six years, but I believe I’ve uncovered seven definitions of original prayer. Prayer before patriarchy. And prayer after patriarchy.

In the end, I’d have to say that I’ve spent the last six years surrendering to prayer.

In order to get to know prayer, and fall in love with prayer, and dance with prayer, I had to get out of the way and let prayer show me what prayer is.

And I’m not the only one.

Do you know who knew what prayer always was? The wise women. The leaders. The women who infused food and clothes and medicines with prayer. The women who blessed the community and held it together with ceremony and prayer. The women who dropped into the threshold between worlds to pray with and for the dead. The women who served the mysteries of life, death, and rebirth with prayer.

The women who were witches.

My heart bubbles with awe and gratitude when I call myself a mystic witch. And, just like prayer, the true definition of witch is far more beautiful, and way more powerful, than anything the dictionary says.

I’m still playing with redefining witch.

  • But the keys are: Whole, Intuitive, Threshold-crossing, Creative, Holy.
  • Just a tad different from the dictionary definition of old hag doing harm with her demonic powers.

Witch came for me like prayer did. A complete surprise. A holy, astonishing, life-filling, joy-dropping surprise.

And now, I get to welcome you to fall in love with both of my great loves: prayer and witch! It all comes together in the 3rd  intensive in The Witch Sequence:

The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch
How to Awaken, Remember, and Trust
The Power, Beauty, and Joy of Original Prayer.

As you step onto the 3rd circuit of the the 7-circuit labyrinth that is the map of the whole sequence, you are greeted by an Oracle, a sacred presence who will take you by the hand and accompany you on this profound walk in The Mystic.

So one of the first things my witch sister and collaborator, Cathy Stevens Pratt, and I do, is talk about the Oracle and what she looks like.

I knew her name was Origina and assumed she was “the oracle of prayer,” because the first one, Aurora had called herself “oracle of intuition” and the second Mystica, called herself “oracle of the thresholds.” Cathy had easily communicated with those two and painted their portraits.

But Origina was elusive. As days and then weeks went by with no communication from Origina, Cathy and I became worried. How could Cathy paint Origina if Origina wasn’t communicating with either of us.

During a meditation experience with Emma Kupu Mitchell on November 1, Emma invited us to ask in soul writing: Who is walking with me? Followed by: What guidance/support do you have for me?

I wrote: Who is with me?
The response was instantaneous: Origina.

I asked if she had a message.
This is verbatim what she said:

“I know you are worried about my image. Because I feel so BIG. My image carries the energy, feeling, color, movement and symbols of original prayer—prayer before religion. Feel, listen, look all around you, your heart, and in your dreams. I am right here. Always have been. Always will be.”

I asked: Who are you?
She answered: “The Memory of Prayer.”

I froze. Her words, her title, felt huge. Bigger than anything I could have anticipated. I had to do the numerology. When I finished, I repeated to make sure I wasn’t making a mistake. The Memory of Prayer is 100. A complete new beginning amplified twice by the infinite power of the divine zero.

I emailed Cathy immediately: Origina is the Memory of Prayer, NOT the Oracle of Prayer. We had her name, but we still needed her image.

Ordinarily Cathy turns on her headlamp at night, drops into her private cave, and communicates in deep soul writing with whomever wishes to be seen or heard. But Cathy was hearing and seeing nothing. Nothing. Finally, Cathy asked Dark Mother if she would take her to Origina and provide an introduction.

Dark Mother explained why Cathy wasn’t able to see Origina:

“Origina is INSIDE all of you. She is not outside. You carry her inside your bones, your cells, inside your atoms. Walking, walking thru the woods, let’s find Origina. Go deep deep inside. Know that She was there when the world began. She comes from the stars. She comes to us. She is inside us as stardust. The very makeup in our cells. She connects us to all that is.”

And then, at last, Origina spoke:

“I do not speak to you or anyone. I speak through you when you pray. This is your light and dark, your everything. I am. I sing through spoken words, within the stories you whisper in the night, within love songs and poetry. You can hear me when in nature. I am the crackling of fire that warms you, the running of water that nourishes you. Hear me. Let me through you. Carry me. Know me. 

I am as mitochondria is.

When prayer was put inside a building and stolen by a few, this was the severing of grace. Once, you prayed your heart's wishes among the trees, with the flowers, to the bees. Then I was banished, written down, sanitized, and I became lifeless. This swirl you see is the re-creation you give to me now. I burst with joy and honor you for your bravery. Now go. Hear me guide you and follow your heart. Go. Speak your prayers. Let them flow and burn until they are alive again, in the woods, on the waters, among the creatures. Go.”

We were thrilled to hear Origina speak, but mitochondria? We had to look it up.

  1. Mitochondria generate energy; they are the power source in every cell of your body and are necessary for your survival
  2. Mitochondria are ten thousand times more efficient per cubic centimeter at creating light than the surface of the sun!

This was a shocking and utterly gorgeous insight into the power and beauty of prayer. This is what our ancestors knew about prayer. It’s not OUT there, it’s IN here, in every cell of our bodies.

At last, we understood why prayer had to be the 3rd intensive, the 3rd circuit, the 3rd chakra.

Prayer is our core strength, our Solar Plexus, the source of our radiance. Prayer generates the energy of our lives. Prayer doesn't just serve life; prayer is life.

Cathy was now ready to paint Origina. Her portrait is full of sacred symbolism. She holds all seven definitions of original prayer. We will be meditating with Origina in each of our gatherings to explore an aspect of her power and beauty in our own bodies.

Origina is the very image of prayer.

Follow the link below to arrive at the page for ART 3 and spend some time with Origina.

Then, please register. I’m sending the welcome email on Tuesday. It will have access to the Resource Page that holds our Welcome and Prayer Handbooks and several new bonus videos. I’ll also open our private Facebook group page so we can begin to share our adventures with prayer. Small prayer circles to pray for one another are already forming.

The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch
How to Awaken, Remember, and Trust
The Power, Beauty, and Joy of Original Prayer

to the gorgeous memory of prayer,


PS: There are no pre-requisites. You do not have to have been in ART 1 or ART 2. Your pre-requisites are a sacred desire to remember the power, beauty and joy of original prayer.


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