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Real Prayer.

Real People.

Real Conversations.

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Real Prayer.


Real People.


Real Conversations.

What is unique about Praying at the Speed of Love?

Praying at the Speed of Love is a biweekly podcast filled with REAL conversations with REAL people about REAL prayer. After 5,000 years of prayer proscribed by patriarchy, we are ready for prayers that cherish the body, embrace all hearts, expand the mind, and enchant the soul. Join bestselling author and prayer artist, Janet Conner, as she and her famous guests dive into deep, intimate—even outrageous—conversations about their personal experiences with whole new kinds of prayer.

Most Recent Episodes

27 years of deep soul writing calls for celebration–and a sale!

2024 a year of sacred memory, dreaming dragons, and original prayer Week 17–in which 27 years of deep soul writing calls for celebration–and a sale! Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer, This past Tuesday, April 23, was the 27th  anniversary of the first day I picked up a pen and stumbled upon a way…

A Winter Solstice count-down prayer

2023 the year we learn to listen to life Week 50–in which we listen to life telling her story in the dark Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer, If this had been an ordinary year, we’d be gathering today, Sunday December 17, for our fifth annual Winter Solstice event with Rabbi Tirzah Firestone and…

Episode 35: Mary Magdalene with Sophie Strand

Sophie Strand writes wild and glorious essays that upend everything we think we know about our myths, legends, stories, and beliefs.
Queen Jezebel with Allison Charron

Episode 34: Queen Jezebel with Allison Charron

Thanks to the bible story, Jezebel’s name became a slur that strikes terror in a woman’s body. There are a lot of surprises in this conversation with Allison Charron.
Guest Cali White with PSL logo

Episode 33: Cali White

Cali White has done the work: explored the history, found the wounds, and led women’s healing circles across the UK and Ireland.

Episode 32: Perdita Finn

It’s been 9 months since the last show. And it’s not Covid’s fault. Or is it? In this episode, you’ll discover what happened last August that brought the show to a screeching halt, why Janet is proud to embrace the once-terrifying label “witch,” and who Joan of Arc—the greatest witch of all time—might have been.
Image of Clark Strand and Perdita Finn

Episode 31: Clark Strand

This is a conversation like any other on Praying at the Speed of Love. Because the conversation isn't really with Clark Strand. It's with Ma Kali herself. And she's quite the conversationalist!
Amy Grossblatt Pessah

Episode 30: Amy Grossblatt Pessah

Prayer really comes alive in this conversation as we meander through the relationship with the divine as a relationship with a wise loving parent.
PSL guest Christine Valters Paintner with logo

Episode 29: Christine Valters Painter

This conversation with Christine Valters Painter is perfect for a time of pandemic and quarantine. Rich insights, a gentle mediation, and more await you!
Phil Cousineau

Episode 28: Phil Cousineau

This conversation is a feast of history, meaning, and possibility. Just the food we need to transform quarantine to radical pilgrimage.

Episode 27: Estelle Frankel

Dropped deep into The Mystic, Estelle led us into wordless prayer, cries of the heart including howling, and the three octaves of unknowing.
Robert Corman

Episode 26: Robert Corman

Meander through a mystical forest hand-in-hand with a wise and warm guide. Guest Robert Corman introduces us to a few of those guides and leaves us hungry for more, much more.
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from "Do You Feel That Breeze"

You are not moving
You are being moved
You are not singing
You are being sung
You are not praying
You are being prayed--
Prayed at the speed of love

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