Praying at the Speed of Love is BORN!

You are not moving,
you are being moved

You are not singing, 
you are being sung

You are not praying,
you are being prayed

Prayed at the speed of love. 

written by Janet Conner
theme music by Sofia

Are you one of the 230,000 listeners who downloaded The Soul-Directed Life?

If you listened to that show, you know that, much as I loved doing it, I closed it last November to create room for my new podcast as a Prayer Artist: Praying at the Speed of Love.

And here she is! It's been quite the work of love.

  • Music by Timothy Frantzich and Sofia
  • Graphics by Sandy Cromp
  • Website pages by Amy Isaman
  • Production & Marketing by Jamee Thumm
  • Photo by Micah Proffer

And the idea... the whole thing... is a gift from the Goddess who moves, well, at the speed of love!

love color

The first episode is now available.

Opening day, in wacko synchronicity, was March 14. PI day!

You know, the strange mathematical formula of life. The one you can't memorize because it never ends. So it's rounded to 3.14. PI is the foundation of the circle and from there, the foundation of life.

A perfect day to introduce a whole new foundation for a whole new experience of prayer, don't you think.

My first guest 

Because I have to tell you the stories behind this show and behind prayer artist.

AND, I get to tell the story of the question that inspired my lifelong walk to the heart of the Divine Feminine.


Enjoy the exquisite theme song Timothy Frantzich and Sofia created. (Lots more of that coming soon.)

Check out the gorgeous Show Notes page that Amy Isaman created for my website.

AND be certain to click on the Prayer Bag that Sandy Cromp created.

Isn't this the cutest thing!

There will be a Prayer Bag for each episode with a special gift inside.

For this episode, the gift from me is a prayer I have not shared anywhere before.


AND, be certain to click on the Facebook community I created for the podcast.

I invite you to be so much more than a listener. This show was created for you, please come be a part of it.

Click here to visit the first Show Notes page for episode 1.

Praying at the Speed of Love PODCAST


to living in joy and harmony at the speed of love,


PS: LOTS more is happening. All at the speed of love:

  • Watch for an invitation next week to join the April intensive with Elemental Astrologer, Emma Kupu Mitchell: The Moon and Me in 2019 
  • Be sure to listen to Emma (and get her gift) when she's on Praying at the Speed of Love, March 28
  • In May, enter the heart of Mary Magdalene in her 3 forms of daughter, lover, and mother in a radical new prayer intensive,Praying with and as Mary Magdalene
  • First ever Speed of Love CONCERT with Sofia at Unity of Minneapolis June 12
  • First ever Speed of Love RETREAT in St Paul June 14-16

What can I say, it's the speed of Love!

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