Your natal chart Moon holds the answers to 3 questions

You know that phrase: When the student is ready, the teacher will come.

You want to learn something and poof, there’s the book, the class, the teacher, the experience. You begin to explore and the next thing you’re curious about arises. Once more, the teacher appears. It’s as if a cosmic arranger is moving students and teachers around in a complex elegant dance.

You go along like that for quite a while, decades even—I did—and then things start to happen in a completely different way.

In the new order, the teacher arrives BEFORE you know you want to learn something.

What’s that called? How about:

The teacher arrives and the student wakes up, looks around, and says: WOW, I didn’t even know I needed that!

I think this is actually the natural way of the mystical life.

You start out walking a fairly straight path, asking questions and receiving guidance in response. Perhaps you’ve heard it described as: “Ask and it shall be given. Knock and the door shall be opened.”

But in this new reverse world, how does the door get opened, when you not only didn’t ask, you didn’t even have a question. Yet, there’s your teacher.

And you find yourself swimming in glorious outrageous information, information your soul immediately recognizes. And before you can even pose the next question, another teacher arrives. And you follow. Not asking questions anymore, just following the trail of mystical crumbs.

This is what happened to me.

Emma Kupu Mitchell showed up in my Find Your Soul’s Purpose course in May of 2013. During that course, my son became a political prisoner and Emma saw I needed help. So she asked her Kumu(teacher) for permission to give me the original Ho’oponopono.

That prayer changed my life in ways I couldn’t foresee. It not only freed my son, but it carried me down a whole new river of forgiveness. Here I am, six years later, and I just completed my 5th Ho’oponopono prayer intensive. (I could never have seen that coming.)

If Emma’s only gift was introducing me to Ho’oponopono, I’d be eternally grateful.

But little did I know that when Emma showed up in my 2013 course, my TEACHER had arrived.

It just took me a while to notice. What did I notice?

  • Well, that she’s a plant medicine goddess. In communion with plants and her divine guides, she creates the perfect sacred anointing oil for each of my prayer intensives.
  • And that she’s a brilliant intuitive numerologist. I have a personal consultation with Emma every year. Her insights open me to experience the fullness of the potential of each year. I now rely on Emma for insights into the numeric vibration of each calendar year. And I create the name of each intensive in alignment with the numeric vibration of the event.

Pretty spectacular teacher, right? I sound like a commercial, but wait, there’s more. Much much much more.

  • She's also an elemental astrologist. In the last few intensives, Emma has dramatically expanded our understanding of what the intensive is all about by bringing us information about the astrological influences.

For example, in The Goddess Forgives; My Body Heals, she brought Chiron, the wounded healer into our gatherings. We were flabbergasted by the connection between where Chiron is in our natal charts and where our bodies need healing.

In Ho’oponopono for Mother Earth, Emma helped us understand the importance of the Full Moon on the Vernal Equinox at 1 degree Libra. She helped us find Libra in our charts—and helped us interpret what Libra is telling us.

As a result, I entered the Equinox last Wednesday with a far deeper appreciation for what an Equinox means,and what magic the Full Moon is working on me based on the placement of my moon in Libra.

And here’s what’s so important. Emma makes it simple.

When other astrologers talk, much as I want to understand, my eyes glaze over and I can get lost pretty fast.

But when Emma opens a natal chart, she gets us to focus on one thing. One thing. And then she explains that one thing. Suddenly that one thing enters my being and I own it. It’s alive in me.

Chiron is, thanks to Emma, alive in me. I get how he’s helping me heal my own wounds and become a wounded healer. Libra is now alive in me. I see her and I am paying attention.

I fell so in love with Emma’s approach to astrology through the moon and the elements that I asked her to please co create with me a brand new kind of intensive, The Moon and Me in 2019.

We’re going to focus on one thing. The Moon. We’re going to find the moon in each of our natal charts and explore what she's telling us about ourselves.

Because the Moon holds the essential information in your life. Not the sun.

We tend to refer to ourselves by our sun signs, but that’s only a tiny part of who we are and it’s not even the most important. (Did you know that? I sure didn’t. But thanks to my teacher, I now do.)

So here’s what we’re going to explore with our teacher, Emma in The Moon and Me in 2019:

  1. The deep mystical meaning of the placement of the moon in your natal chart including the house, zodiac sign, and element.

    The Moon answers the question:
    Who am I?

  2. The deep mystical meaning of the placement of the North Node of the Moon in your natal chart.

    The North Node answers the question: Why am I here?

  3. The deep mystical meaning of the placement of the South Node of the Moon in your natal chart.

    The South Node answers the question: What am I here to complete and release?

And if that weren’t thrilling enough, you're also going experience the deep capacity of the 8 phases of the moon to heal your endocrine system.

I am so so so so grateful that my teacher arrived before I knew I needed her!

Thank you, Emma, for dropping into my life carrying the gifts of Ho’oponopono, numerology, plant medicine, and astrology.

It is my great joy now to invite my fellow deep soul explorers to welcome you into their lives as their teacher, too.

There is nothing quite like The Moon and Me in 2019 out there.

This is a precious opportunity to:

  • learn how to read and understand the Moon in your natal chart
  • develop an intimate relationship with the Moon
  • perceive the energy of the Moon moving through your feminine body
  • invite the power of the Moon to heal your endocrine system
  • awaken your innate powers of intuition and creativity

Click here to learn more. Be sure to watch the fun video Emma and I made.

The Moon and Me in 2019 

We open Monday, April 8, just three days after the beginning of the new Lunar Year.

The full schedule and registration options are on the intensive page at my website:

The Moon and Me in 2019

to living in delicious awareness of the deep wisdom of the moon in our charts, in the sky, and in our bodies, 


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