The Magdalene calls us to trust in Love again. But how?

When Meghan Don led us in our first meditation in the May intensive, Praying with and as Mary Magdalene, Meghan took us someplace. Someplace sacred and holy.

Under the spell of Meghan’s gentle knowing voice, we dropped quickly into the mystical theta brainwave state, the veil between worlds opened, and Mary Magdalene walked in.

The Magdalene said three things that altered everyone in the intensive:

It’s time to trust in Love again
It’s time to surrender to Love again
It’s time to offer yourself in service to Love

When she said those three lines, I could barely breathe. As I scribbled them in my journal, I knew those three simple sentences had the power to transform my life. And have they ever. A few months later, I received the seed of what is becoming my life’s major work.

The seed is Make Love Visible.

The call to make love visible in the world coalesced on Christmas Eve into a 9-book series whose main character is MLV Dragon. I thought that was rather big. But then in the wee hours of December 26, I received a radical divine feminine prayer, The Queen’s Code.

I couldn’t have written it if I tried. I’m pretty sure it was The Magdalene dictating. Because The Queen’s Code shows us how to trust and surrender and serve love.

I now say The Queen’s Code every morning and when I walk the pre-patriarchal rosary. I’m beginning to see just how alive The Queen’s Code is. And it is continuing to move through me.

Last Thursday in the dark, I received the anointing for the Theta: The Radical Path of Love Hidden in Your Brainwaves intensive opening tomorrow. When I wrote the description in my journal the next morning, I saw that the anointing practice brings The Queen’s Code to life in our bodies. I can’t wait to give this prayer and this anointing to you so you can discover for yourself how to trust, surrender and serve Love.

In all my intensives, we experience ourselves as a mystical body, giving and receiving one another's prayers and insights along invisible mystical connections.

So I am not surprised that The Queen’s Code jumped ship and awakened my co-teachers last week:

  • The Queen’s Code woke Keren Brown in Toronto saying The Queen’s Space. Everything Keren shares in our intensive will help us create space in our body for the living presence of the Queen—the divine feminine—the embodiment of Love.
  • One day later, Emma realized that when she teaches us how to open our theta ears, we are coming into harmony with The Queen’s Vibration in our upper chakras.
  • Finally, when Emma and Keren and I got together to share our “queen” messages, we realized the entire intensive is about Awakening Love in our whole bodies, so we can serve Love.

That, of course, leads to the big question: How? How are we going to open our bodies to this radical path of love?

The intensive opening tomorrow, Monday, January 20, gives us the foundation we need to dive deep into the mystic and serve Love in upcoming prayer intensives:

    • the radical path of love in the ancient rosary in March with Clark Strand and Perdita Finn
    • the radical path of love in the tree of life in May with Rabbi Tirzah Firestone
    • the radical path of love and forgiveness in Ho’oponopono in July with Kahu Lahela
    • embody your personal dark goddess of love in August with Keren and Emma

Meghan and I are talking about when to have a 3rd Mary Magdalene intensive this year, but she’s headed to Ireland this Spring and I’m going to Scotland in September (that’s a wild love story) and moving to NY (the most outrageous love story) probably in October. When Meghan and I find a good date, you’ll be the first to know.

In short, every one of my intensives this year is about trusting, surrendering, and serving love.

The entire point of 2020 is to Make Love Visible. Just as The Magdalene announced last May.

Come, play in the fields of love. It’s not difficult. It’s who you are and how you are naturally wired. You just need to know how to slip into easily and often into the delicious theta brainwave state of Love.

We open tomorrow Monday, January 20 at 7pm eastern and continue for 3 Mondays with a closing celebration on Sunday, February 9 at 2pm eastern so our friends in Europe can join us live.

Everything is recorded and available within 24 hours so don’t be concerned if you can’t be with us live for any or all the sessions.

Please visit the page Keren, Emma and I created for you. Watch the video and read what you’ll experience.

Then listen to your heart. Your heart knows. 

Theta--The Radical Path of Love

to trusting, surrendering and serving Love,


PS: You'll receive The Queen's Code, the Queen's anointing, and a detailed handbook on theta on opening night.

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