The surprising relationship between the Moon and your health

The more aware you become of your body moving in rhythm with the natural phases of the Moon, the more elegantly you can move with, and align with, life. 
-Emma Kupu Mitchell

When I invited Soul Essence Alignment Artist, Emma Kupu Mitchell, to co-create a prayer intensive about the Moon, I had—or I should say, thought I had—a pretty straightforward idea.

I thought it would be great fun if Emma would teach us how to locate the moon in our natal charts and help us understand what it all means. The house. The zodiac sign. The North Node. The South Node.

It’s all rather mysterious and it’s all very important, because the moon holds the answer to your 3 major questions. (If you missed those questions, here's last Sunday’s letter as a blog post on my site.)

But as usual, things do not unfold the way Janet plans.

I may start out with an idea, but invariably, that idea leads me to suddenly ask a question I have not asked before, and before I can even finish the question—poof—a door opens in the floor and I’m dropped into a whole new field in The Mystic.

I never see it coming.
I’m always flabbergasted.
And I’m always thrilled.

Because I get to play in some new deep waters, and then share my new discoveries with everyone who comes to the prayer intensive.

And we get to explore these fields of the soul together.

Here’s what happened this time.

Two weeks ago, Emma and I were on a video conference planning The Moon and Me in 2019. We’d identified the essential elements.

  • Emma will teach us what the moon represents—your innermost feminine wisdom and intuition—and how to interpret the moon in your chart to understand your future destiny and karmic past, and the implications of the phase of the moon under which you took your first breath.
  • In addition to helping us understand our personal moon stories, she’d going to help us navigate the huge collective shift we’re all experiencing as the South Node shifts into Capricorn, leaving the old patriarchal ways behind and ushering in a period of a divine feminine way of being. (Can I get an “Amen!”)
  • And, because Emma’s such a gifted numerologist, she’s going to also help us understand the meaning of the moon’s 8 phases and 13 cycles and the numeric vibration of 16 degrees Aries—the moment the new Lunar Year begins on April 5. (16 is one of 3 huge karmic numbers and the Tower in Tarot!)

And me?

  • My contribution is to introduce the new Sabian Symbol for 2019 and the power of writing a Lunar Prayer that awakens the mystical potential in that symbol as you live with it for the next year. This process is always profound, but this year the Sabian Symbol is a doozy: Fairies dancing in the sunset. What does that mean? You’re about to find out.
  • My other contribution is to create a new anointing prayer.

I didn’t set out to be the queen of anointing, but as each prayer intensive arrives, I find myself naturally downloading an unusual anointing prayer.

In some mysterious way the words of the prayer coupled with the energy of the plant medicine in the sacred oil and the body movements move us past understanding the sacred intention of the intensive and into embodying it. That’s how transformation happens.

Each anointing comes as a surprise.

Like the last one, Ho‛oponopono for Mother Earth. In deep soul writing one morning, I suddenly knew the 8 chakras mirror the 8 directions, and I received an anointing prayer that marries these two profound prayer practices into one embodied anointing. In that anointing, we became one with and the Earth.

It was profound.

But now I see it was only a harbinger of the healing capacity of the anointing for The Moon and Me in 2019.

As Emma and I were talking about the 8 phases of the moon, I suddenly asked: “I wonder how many glands we have in our endocrine system?”

I googled that question on one screen and looked back in shock at Emma on the other.

We have 8 endocrine glands. And those glands are essential to life. When they are healthy, we come into homeostasis. We are balanced, healthy, and whole. When they are not healthy, well, you know what that feels like: exhausted, out of sorts, moody, low energy, foggy…

The next morning in soul writing, I received the words of the prayer. One phrase for each endocrine gland. Those words, I was startled to realize, are a direct match to the mystical purpose of each phase of the moon.

As I say so often, you cannot make this stuff up!

I didn’t foresee that the deeper possibility within this intensive would be healing the body.

But, thanks to gift of this anointing prayer, I now see that the body’s natural rhythms are one and the same as the moon’s natural rhythms.

Western medicine won’t even consider this connection. In the West, the solution to a body out of balance is invariably a pharmaceutical drug. But in the East there is a thousands-year-old tradition of bringing the body into rhythm with the natural rhythms of life.

So I invited Dr Judith Boice, a brilliant naturopath with a particular expertise in the lunar cycle, moon time, fertility, peri-menopause and menopause to join us.

When I told Emma that Judith is joining us, Emma told me how working with the moon healed her menopause.

Emma's story is such a confirmation of the deep capacity for healing in this intensive that I asked her to write a note for you.

Here it is, with love from Hawaii:

Emma Kupu Mitchell


Aloha, readers of Janet’s Notes from the Field!

I’m so happy to have the opportunity to initiate you into the wisdom medicine of our sister, the Moon.

My personal relationship with the moon began on my 48th birthday. Every year the energies moving through you change dependent on the date of your birth and your family lineage. In my depth numerology practice, I chart all of this on a personal numerology profile.

On my 48th birthday, my profile showed I was beginning an 8-year cycle with the essence of 18. It’s quite rare to have 8 years in a row with the same vibration. I knew I was being called to pay attention to a deeper learning for my soul’s evolution. And I couldn’t miss the symbolism: there are 8 phases of the moon and 18 is the Moon in the Tarot deck.

This was my invitation to begin exploring and deepening the Moon’s energies moving through me.

I asked the Divine Feminine to send teachers and instantly a moon astrology expert arrived! I wasn’t planning on studying astrology, but thanks to the Moon I am now working with several teachers including Hali Karla, who has given me permission to share her beautiful Creative Lunar Wheel with you in this intensive. I also study with Donna Woodwell, an expert in Shamanic Astrology.

All that I have learned and continue to learn has helped me navigate pre and post menopause and all the changes that brings.

In the end, it’s all about rhythm. The more aware you become of your body moving in rhythm with the natural phases of the moon, the more elegantly you can move with, and align with, life.

I cannot wait to share the wisdom of the Moon with you. She is waiting to meet you in your natal chart to reveal your soul’s calling in this lifetime. You have felt this calling, this yearning, this desire to live in rhythm with nature.

The truth is, your feminine body knows. You just need to become aware.

And that’s what Janet, Judith, and I invite you to experience in The Moon and Me in 2019

with great love and Aloha,

Emma Kupu Mitchell


Click here to register for The Moon and Me in 2019. I'll be adding information about Dr Judith Boice next week.

The Moon and Me in 2019 

The Moon and Me in 2019

We open Monday, April 8, three days after the opening of the new Lunar Year.

The full schedule and registration options are on the intensive page at my website:

The Moon and Me in 2019


to living in alignment with the natural rhythms of life,  


PS: to help you enter into the powerful potential of the energies of the New Moon on Friday, April 5, I'm sending a New Moon Kit on Thursday. Register now and you'll receive the Kit.

PSS: Emma was my guest on Praying at the Speed of Love this week! She tells us the story of how she went from an Anglican girl in York England to communing with the sacred land in Hawaii.

Listen and be sure to get her sound healing gift in the Prayer Bag!

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