The Sabian Symbol for the new Lunar Year is…

New Year’s Eve (that’s lunar new year’s eve) was Thursday. The first day of the new lunar year was Friday. And Saturday was a lovely day to rest and digest and integrate this birth.

And it was quite the birth, wasn't it!

I am resting in a gentle post-birth glow as I write this Notes from the Field letter.

I waited to write until after the New Moon, so I could report on my personal experiences and share some wisdom from the beautiful astrologers I follow.

Like most Westerners I spent most of my life oblivious to the Lunar Year.

That is until, Ramani Vaught, my Kali Natha Yoga instructor, started a Sunday Yoga gathering in March of 2016 reading a post from the mystical astrologer Laura Walker about the New Moon in Aries that initiated the new lunar year that year.

Sabian Symbol 2016, Oriental Carpet

In that post, Laura Walker announced the Sabian Symbol for 2016.

I had never heard of a Sabian Symbol but it sounded mysterious and fun.

The symbol for that year had something to do with an oriental carpet. As Ramani read, I jumped up, ran upstairs, and brought down my “oriental carpet.” When my ex-husband died, I inherited a true Persian Prayer Rug that his boss at CNN brought back from a news trip with President Reagan. That prayer rug has been in our family almost 40 years.

I love it because it’s so clearly handmade.

  • The pattern meanders.
  • It isn’t perfectly symmetrical.
  • The colors shift.
  • You can see the knots on the back and feel the presence of the soul who made it.
  • And of course, I love it because it was created for prayer.

In honor of the new lunar year, I put our “oriental carpet” on the living room floor and it has been the altar for our Sunday Yoga candles ever since.

I didn’t understand the meaning of this oriental carpet symbol, but I kept writing about it in deep soul writing and suddenly, right at the end of the year, I understood what it meant in my life.

So I asked Ramani to please tell us the Sabian Symbol for 2017.

It was about the east wind blowing colorful streamers on a woman's hat.

What did that mean?

I got out a bunch of colored ribbons and put them on our yoga altar. And I thought about, and wrote about, the symbol for 12 months.

Sure enough, as the lunar year closed, I realized just how profound that symbol was for me.

By March of 2018, I was on fire to explore the Sabian symbol for that year. If you’ve been reading these letters since then, you know what an exquisite, rich, life-transforming symbol it was.

But at first it didn’t make any sense: “Through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained.”


Luckily, Laura Walker wrote a lot about it. She described this symbol as a call to your 2nd Renaissance. She encouraged her readers to ask themselves what they wanted the opportunity to revisit and redo.

In deep soul writing, I instantly knew my only regret was giving up my SAG card (Screen Actors Guild).

Tearfully, I asked for a 2nd opportunity to get my SAG card. Only this time, I knew this wasn’t a call to get my Hollywood SAG card; this was a call to get my Mystical SAG card.

And I realized I’d already received it. In two dreams, I’d been handed a funny looking heavy gold card with my name on it. And, I’d been awakened just a month before hearing “Prayer Artist.”

I was so wildly enamored of this call to a 2nd Renaissance, that I wrote dozens of newsletters about it, talked about it in all my events, encouraged people to explore their own ______ Artist, and even offered a course with Christine Pensa called “Your 2nd Renaissance.”

This concept has fed me and everyone in my intensives all year. We are all honoring the call to bring healing and love into the world, each in our own unique way.

I loved this symbol so much, I wrote a short Lunar Prayer and say it every morning as I sit down to soul write. And oh, how it has come to pass!

Which brings us to the new lunar year and the new Sabian symbol.

It’s the symbolic energy for 16 degrees Aries, the moment the New Moon ushered in a whole new lunar year.

The symbol is: Fairies dancing in the setting sun.


I began soul writing about this image the moment I heard it. And I’ve been exploring it throughout this new lunar year birth canal.

Just like last year, I had a dream hinting at the deep personal meaning of this symbol. And a Lunar Prayer came through.

I can’t bear the thought of no longer saying my SAG card prayer, so I’m going to continue to say it every morning and add my new Lunar Year Prayer.

I’m teaching all this in The Moon and Me in 2019 which opens, Monday, April 8.

I know it’ll take a full year to really understand and embody this profound symbol, but here are a few insights from the brilliant Laura Walker, culled from a long recording today.

Take them in, but as always, digest and integrate mystical wisdom for yourself.

I recommend daily deep soul writing to slowly uncover the deep meaning. I also recommend becoming aware of the moon energies by tracking the phases of the moon on the chart in the Session 1 Handbook for The Moon and Me.

Highlights from Laura Walker:

  • we are now manifesting at magical speed (I've been saying this for over a year now: speed of love!)
  • bring something beautiful forward out of yourself
  • sun is setting on the domination of patriarchy
  • fellowship of humanity dancing in joy
  • call to return to nature
  • time of the upright spiritual warrior
  • when you encounter negative forces, simply turn and walk away
  • connection is our greatest creative force
  • we have learned to see in the dark
  • to manage fast energies, move your body

As you can see, this a very sacred time in our evolution, and everyone—everyone—is called to become a spiritual warrior, and dance in communion with nature and one another as we celebrate the end of patriarchy.

Which leads to the question: how does patriarchy end?

It ends when each one of us brings our gifts forward in service to the world we are creating together.

Want to explore this Sabian symbol?
Write your own Moon Prayer?
Discover how living in communion with the wisdom of the moon can expand your energy, your creativity, and your gifts?

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The Moon and Me in 2019 

The Moon and Me in 2019 with Janet Conner & Emma Kupu Mitchell

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The Moon and Me in 2019

to dancing in the setting sun with one another and with the joyful fairies!   


PS: included are 3 bonus videos on how to locate and understand your natal moon and north and south nodes. And one on how to determine your birth moon--the phase under which you were born. (Which turns out to be huge piece of insight.) Also a New Moon Kit with a moon tracking chart. And a 32-page Handbook filled with easy-to-understand explanations of houses, signs, elements and more.

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