Cross the Threshold: Radical new Writing Down Your Soul intensive in ten days

The year of the body--Week 35

in which we discover how we seed miracles in the world 

Friends, soul writers, mystics, and lovers of prayer,

As you read this Sunday Notes from the Field, I am in the Closing Ceremony for The Return of the Witches pilgrimage, where you can be assured something magical is happening.

Because the pilgrimage has been one giant magic machine.

Not that I planned it that way.

When I first said yes to creating such a massive event, I had no idea what it might look like. I just followed the next bread crumb, and the next, and the next, as they arrived in dribs and drabs in my soul writing pages.

  • Or in the night
  • Or lying in that liminal space between sleep and wakefulness
  • Or while anointing my body
  • Or relishing hot water pouring over me in the shower
  • Or stumbling upon a phrase in a book that grabs my heart and won’t let me go
  • Or staring out the window in that mysterious no-space space that is always the precursor to something, although I never know what

This rather odd list of where “bread crumbs” showed up for me is a partial litany of the many times and countless places anyone can drop into the threshold between worlds.

The threshold is a magic place. A sacred place. It’s the place where creative ideas are seeded. Ideas your logical mind could never come up with. It's the place where you discover who you really are. And all the gifts that are yours to give the world.

All you have to do is learn how to get there. Then, visit often.

Once I discovered how easy it is to drop into the threshold between worlds by dropping into the theta brain wave state while writing, I realized I wanted more.

Much more.

I wanted to discover multiple ways around the clock to crisscross that threshold. Times when I didn’t have a pen in my hand.

And that’s exactly what I’ve done.

In the 24 years since I first began to see an extraordinary voice showing up on my journal pages, I have devoted myself to exploring the threshold.

I love living in the threshold. I love all the ways the threshold beckons. When I’m on the verge of stumbling upon another entry to that doorsill, I can feel her whispering: Come on, come on, come on baby, come on.

In soul writing a few weeks ago, I thought it would be fun to create a list of all the ways I play in the threshold. I jotted down the big one that started it all, deep soul writing, and then my magical favorite, morning theta, and then I had to add the mysterious moments of falling asleep, and of course, walking in nature….

I kept adding things to the list and was startled when I was still adding new ones two pages later!

To the best of my knowledge, no one else has actively explored the depth and breadth of this magical mystical threshold.

I think that’s why under quarantine last year, the title “mistress of the thresholds” showed up on my page. I thought it sounded a tad arrogant, but I had to acknowledge that it is accurate.

So I added it to my list of “jobs." I am a prayer artist, mystic witch, and mistress of the thresholds.

As a Mistress of the Thresholds, I invite you to come and play in this mystical magical playground and become a bit of a mistress or master of the thresholds yourself.

The threshold is where we’re going together in the radical new Writing Down Your Soul intensive opening in 10 days on September 7.

Radical New Writing Down Your Soul Intensive 

I use the adjective radical with purpose.

Yes, the intensive is constructed on the practice of Writing Down Your Soul, a book tens of thousands of you fell in love with.

But the real mystery and magic of deep soul writing isn’t about writing.

It’s about accessing the theta brain wave state.

I thought I knew how to teach people how to drop into the theta while writing. After all, I wrote the book, and I’ve been teaching it for 13 years.

But something miraculous happened in July during the pilgrimage. And suddenly my teaching and writing world dropped into a whole new place.

We were traveling through France on July 3, getting ready to meet the 5th witch, Marguerite Porete, through her champion, Polly Paton-Brown. As we double-checked Polly’s audio and visuals twenty minutes before the gathering began, I joked that I was just the “director.”

I thought I was being cute.

But my wise inner self heard me clearly and the next morning in deep soul writing, I discovered that I am not only the director, I’m also the producer.

And the events I produce and direct are all in the “Theatre of the Miraculous.”

I was flabbergasted.

I circled the words on the page and just stared off in space. For a long time.

Because I knew, my whole body knew, this is who I am called to be now, and these are the biggest shoes I’ve ever stepped into. But, as with prayer artist, mystic witch, and mistress of the thresholds, the only thing I could do was say YES.

So in deep soul writing I wrote yes, and spent the next few days asking sacred Sophia to show me what the Theatre of the Miraculous is, and how I can structure events that open people to the kind of miraculous transformations we are experiencing in the pilgrimage.

Sophia taught me that miracles happen because the community itself forms a container in which “the contained” can do the work.

Community, Container, Contained—these are the elements that make miracles possible in the Theatre of the Miraculous.

Religions have indoctrinated us that miracles are outside the norm, rare, and given only to holy individuals who deserve them. None of this is true. Miracles are natural and innate. They happen all the time.

But, it is important to note, they happen in communities.

When we gather with the sacred desire to be a container for the contained, miracles happen.

Immediately, I began to develop this radically different way to explore deep soul writing in the Theatre of the Miraculous, describing as best I could the 3 Cs: Community, Container, Contained.

I added a 4th C, Continuum, to help people see that deep soul writing isn’t limited to the time on the page.

Once you know how to drop into theta while writing, you can begin to explore a whole 24/7 magic continuum of theta moments.

I put the four Cs on the landing page for the September intensive and started writing about it in these Sunday Notes from the Field.

And many of you registered. Thank you!

But I should have known there would be more. There’s always more.

This past week, Sophia gave me a missing C. Conception. Conception is the miracle.

Once we conceive the seed, it’s our turn to bring the miracle to life to help our world heal and transform.

That means the final C is Conduit. Each one of us becomes a conduit for something miraculous to come alive in the world.

In my journal I wrote:

When the Community gathers
we become a mystical Container
for the Contained to be present,
heard, felt, and seen.

An unexpected miraculous Conception happens and we receive the guidance and grace to be the Conduit to birth something miraculous into the world.

I was a tad overwhelmed by the 5 Cs. And ecstatic at the same time. What an honor and responsibility to be the conduit for events in the Theatre of the Miraculous!

The moment this all came together, a whole roster of new events for 2022 began to emerge in soul writing. I will have a very full plate creating events in the Theatre of the Miraculous all next year.

But first, first, we must explore Writing Down Your Soul in this radical Theatre.

Because deep soul writing is the foundation. It is the giant swinging door in the threshold. Deep soul writing is the entry point to the threshold.

It is with great joy and excitement for your own miraculous conceptions, that I welcome you to this first event in the Theatre of the Miraculous.

Whether you’re brand new to soul writing or took a class with me years ago, I invite you to drop deep into the mystery and magic of soul writing in this radically different container.

Once you become proficient at dropping into theta while writing, a whole miraculous world will open up for you. Around the clock.

The intensive opens in ten days on September 7 and runs for four Tuesdays from 7-9pm Eastern.

There will also be a UK/Europe Watch Party on Thursdays at 7pm UK.

Everything is recorded and available within 24 hours on a special resource page. Along with a host of new bonuses including:

  • September-October Lunar cycle calendar from April McMurtry (to help you track the moon phase in your journal)
  • How to calculate and understand your Personal Year numerology from Emma Kupu Mitchell (to help you pick up the vibration of each date)
  • Welcome Handbook on the Theatre of the Miraculous (first time I've written about it)
  • Special Prayer Handbook with all our prayer practices in the intensive
  • PDFs of all the prayers I'll read during our gatherings, many never published before
  • Special handbooks each week on the Container, Contained, and Continuum
  • Bonus Videos on how to sanctify your journal cover, inside covers, and each page
  • And more! it's a threshold smorgasbord

Click on this link for details, schedule, and registration options.

All new Writing Down Your Soul Intensive 

Last Sunday, I promised to share a trustworthy resource to help women and girls in Afghanistan. Dr Sakena Yacoobi is the founder of AIL, The Afghan Institute of Learning, and CHI, it's registered 501(c)3 funding arm.

AIL has been educating women and girls for over 20 years. This link will take you to their site. The donations are through CHI.

Afghan Institute of Learning 

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