We are in a sacred 66-day passage between decades

2019 has been wild, hasn’t it?

Almost everyone I know has experienced some kind of unexpected upheaval.

For some it has come as unexpected illnesseslosses, even death. 

For many it has come as unexpected moves. I can’t count all the people I know who are moving. For some it’s a choice. For many their homes have been snatched out from under them. It’s even happened to me. After 35 years in Florida and 20 in this house, I too have been called to move. I never saw that coming.

Job changes. Career changes. Wild new creative possibilities tapping on the window, barging in the front door.

I’m in the throes of all that right now, too. None of it planned.

I simply woke on the last day of August holding a whole new concept for a book series in my shaking hands. But who would publish this? It’s radically different from anything I’ve ever done. Heck, it’s radically different from anything anyone has ever done. But it won’t let me go. I receive bits of it almost every night. All I can do is jot them down in the dark.

I accumulated the bits throughout the month of September, wondering what publisher could possibly see this as I see it? Who could understand how powerful this could be?

Thirty-three days after the initial download, my new publisher, who is really my old publisher, fell out of the sky with an email announcing they had purchased Conari Press. That’s it. One email. One email on October 1 at 11:47 in the morning.

I don’t think all those elevens are an accident. Now I’m off and running to write two proposals. And I didn’t see any of this coming.

And what about relationships? Look around. Aren’t they coming together? Aren’t they falling apart? It’s a grand dance, isn’t it. Now, if we could only hear the music and trust the conductor.

There is one more shift happening, and I think it is the tectonic upheaval at the heart of everything else.

After thousands of years of patriarchal religions telling us our bodies are evil—especially female bodies—women and men everywhere are returning to the garden and falling in love with our bodies, our earth, our Goddess, and with one another.

You can’t separate loving being human from loving being divine. And that, for most of us, is a revelation. A revelation and a revolution.

This is all very thrilling. But, come on, it’s also terrifying. Because no one knows what our lives, our homes, our relationships, and our world are going to look like when the upheavals end.

Are we on the verge of creating a world that works for everyone or are we sorry witnesses to the beginning of an end?

The answer to that question is up to us. Up to me. Up to you.

We are standing in a perfect 66-day window in which to begin to begin to formulate our answers.

  • There are 66 days between today and January 1, 2020
  • 66 days left in 2019
  • 66 days left in the decade that began on 1-1-2010
  • 66 days in which to look back not just at 2019 but at the whole decade of three
  • 66 days in which to prepare to prepare to create not just a new year, but a whole new decade of four
  • And yes, 66 is the master number of 3, the year and decade that is ending! (you cannot make this stuff up)

That’s what 2020 and the whole next decade are about. No matter how you look at it, everything in 2020 all the way to 2029 is a 4, the number of structure.

4 is the number of divine manifestation gathering all the creative capacity of the decade of 3 to create a new kind of architecture for peace and love.

And, oh my Goddess, do we need that!

So this year, The Lotus and The Lilyis really really special.

It’s always a miraculous experience. And it always fills to capacity. But we are about to have a whole new experience.

It’s the 10th year, and the first time we get to consciously seed a whole new decade. It’s exciting. And we get to do it in soul community.

Do please look at the landing page I created for The Lotus and The Lily. It's packed full of insights on the astrological and numerological support we are receiving. And be sure to watch the fun video Emma Kupu Mitchell and I made. It was during that video that I realized just how important The Lotus and The Lily this year really is!

The Lotus and The Lily book surrounded by cutout people

The Lotus and The Lily 

Last March, when I announced I was no longer teaching my courses, dozens of you begged me to still offer The Lotus and The Lily. But of course! We'll never stop wanting to create a truly beautiful and abundant life.

But I’ve converted the course to a prayer intensive format. Which, of course, is what The Lotus and The Lily has always been.

Because you will play in the fields of prayer:

  • activating your birthright shamanic abilities
  • anointing your body with a sacred oil dictated by Mary Magdalene
  • depth forgiveness that unties any remaining knots in your heart and body
  • daily deep soul writing
  • ceremony ending 2019 and the decade of 3
  • ceremony welcoming 2020 and the new decade of 4
  • soul conditions chant that creates the life that wants to be lived in and through and as you
  • mystical prayer mandala that holds your soul’s most sacred desires and commitments

A few days ago I invited members of the last two years of The Lotus and The Lily, plus members of the last two live intensives.

And just like that, we are half full. But I promised to save some seats for you and I have.

But please don't wait. This experience always fills. And this year, it's just so very special.

The Lotus and The Lily 

Please come. Let’s walk together during this sacred interlude between decades and discover how to create a world of love, harmony, justice, and joy! 


PS When you register, notice the thank you for registering link on your receipt. Click and you'll receive the link and password to the Resource Page. Emma has already made 3 astrology bonus videos for you. Plus you can order the oil. I'll also open our private Facebook group next week. So you can start your 66-day walk right away.

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