What happened when Jupiter kissed you?

2024 a year of sacred memory, dreaming dragons, and original prayer

Week 23--in which we look for all the times Jupiter has kissed us 

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

It’s been a very Jupiterian week. He showed up three times, pushing aside any agenda I might have had. Jupiter clearly had something he wanted me—and, I think, you—to notice. It all happened thanks to shamanic astrologer and depth numerologist Emma Kupu Mitchell.

I had three gatherings with Emma this week. Two in her New Moon and Midlife communities and one for my annual birthday consultation.

I wasn’t expecting Jupiter to show up in any of them.

The story—or, I should say, his story—began on Monday, when I attended Emma’s New Moon in Gemini gathering. I go to all of Emma’s New Moon gatherings, but I was particularly interested in this one because my Gemini birthday is around the corner.

But I couldn’t know that Jupiter was about to crash the party.

Right from the beginning, Emma began talking about Jupiter. Turns out Jupiter has just entered the sign of Gemini. Everything Jupiter touches is expanded. He is the biggest planet in our solar system, after all. And, if I may say so, the most beautiful.

So when Jupiter slid into Gemini, he began his holy work of expanding love.

Why love? Because Gemini right now is a stellium of love. When three or more planets are in one sign, astrologers call it a stellium. Emma, who loves to bring complex astrology into the vernacular, calls it a party.

The members of the party in Gemini right now are Venus—our planet of love, Mercury—the writer and poet, and Jupiter. Plus, of course, the Sun—literally the light of our lives, the center of our system, and the marker of each of our birthdays. The sun right now is in Gemini.

Now, Gemini means a lot to me, and not just because it’s my birth sign.

When Emma teaches about astrology (or numerology), she always begins with the symbol and encourages us to make the symbol for ourselves. Something happens when you make the markings. Some internal knowing begins to come up through your hand. Just like in deep soul writing.

The symbol for Gemini is the twins.

This watercolor version is by Lily Mitchell (Emma's daughter).

The glyph is basically two straight lines standing side-by-side with a short line connecting them above their heads and another short line connecting their feet. When I draw this symbol or glyph, ancient memories stir in me.

This is what I see and feel as I make the glyph:

  • the two lines or twins represent the original sacred union of the feminine and masculine
  • their two lines are exactly the same, so they are equal in all things
  • the two lines make an 11—the number of the angels
  • 11 is often the first number we begin to notice–a clue we are ready to awaken
  • in Tarot the 1 is the Magician and the 2 is the High Priestess—a partnership of magic and power
  • in numerology the 1 is the masculine, the god, and the 2 is the feminine, the Goddess

That’s what I see. But follow Emma’s advice and make the glyph yourself and see what surfaces.

So, when I look at the Gemini twins, I see love, ancient love, the union and communion of the original sacred marriage. And, if Jupiter is the king of expansion and he’s crashing a party of love in the sign of original love, then something big is happening!

In her Wednesday gathering for her Midlife and Beyond community—I’m the beyond part—Emma guided us to look back at all the times Jupiter has been in Gemini. Emma said “the medicine is in looking back.”

She explained that Jupiter has about a 12-year orbit so that means he’s in a sign for about a year. So if he’s in Gemini right now, that means he was in Gemini 12 years ago and 12 years before that.

Emma gave us these years to look back at:


The next morning in deep soul writing, I wrote those dates in my journal. Next to each, I jotted down all that happened. It took two days, but the story, the meaning, the presence of love began to surface.

Here are the big—and they’re big—things that happened in those years:

  • 2012—the rocks in a Montana ice age bear cave said to one another, “I am old, you are old”—and in that moment I knew I was an eternal soul
  • 2000—I asked the dead osprey why he came and he said, “Fear not”—ending my constant worry about money
  • 1988—I conceived my son—changing my life forever
  • 1976—I left acting and Los Angeles and moved onto a boat in Oakland with my sweetheart--not knowing what I was putting in motion
  • 1964—my family moved from Chicago to Wisconsin in the middle of high school
  • 1952—my brother Larry was born

It wasn’t till the second day of chewing over these dates, that I saw the pattern. In each of these years I found a new home, often literally. But the deeper meaning was finding a new home in my heart.

The new homes in my heart:

  • 2012—The Mystic—far richer and more beautiful than the spiritual
  • 2000—my townhouse (literally) and my new life as a writer
  • 1988—my Jerry
  • 1976—my first Jerry, who ended up birthing deep soul writing
  • 1964—love for Wisconsin and the countryside (big shift for a city girl)
  • 1952—love for my precious brother who told me to keep writing as my world collapsed

Do you see? Each time, my heart was expanded and expanded and expanded a bit more.

I call these moments of heart expansion, Jupiter kisses.

So now it’s your turn. Write the dates in your journal and look back until you begin to see the pattern of love that keeps getting bigger every time Jupiter kisses you.

And know that those kisses don't always come in pretty packages. My life with my husband is proof of that. The roughest roads may still be paved with Jupiter kisses that we don't recognize for a long time.

When you’re finished, you might come to the place I came to. I wanted to know how Jupiter is expanding my heart in 2024.

Obviously, I can’t know the full answer until he slips out of Gemini next year, but, now that I see the repeating pattern of how his kisses have continually expanded my heart, I know and I trust that it will be big.

A few clues have dropped as Emma, Cathy Stevens Pratt, and I work on the fourth intensive in The Witch Sequence: Myrrhophore Anointing. Because—guess what—it’s all about the heart. To awaken this fourth WitchArt gift of anointing, we will walk the fourth circuit of the seven-circuit labyrinth, the path of the heart.

I dare say Jupiter approves!

And oh, about that private consultation with Emma. Jupiter crashed that party too. This time by utterly blowing my mind when Emma showed me his presence in my progressed chart. It’s complicated astrology and I couldn’t begin to explain it to you. (For that get a personal consultation with Emma.) But my take away, in short, is that Jupiter has been there from the beginning, guiding my heart to expand and expand until it can hold the fullness of the life I came here to live. He is my boyfriend and I’m rather certain he’s yours too.

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