When fear is in the air, double down on this

When Movement and Mystery Initiation Artist Keren Brown and I talked this week about the wild vortexes of fear swirling everywhere, she reminded me of the powerful healing wisdom of the Dark Moon ritual that women have used since the beginning of time.

As I listened to Keren, I realized I want to share what she was saying with you, so I asked her to please write a guest Notes from the Field. We are blessed that she said yes. Read this and you'll know what your ancestral mothers knew about the antidote to fear.


When fear is in the air, double down on this

by Keren Brown

If you’re in Janet’s community, you undoubtedly have a variety of beautiful mystical practices in your toolkit. One practice that I’ve been working with for more than 5 years is aligning to the lunar cycle, based on the teachings of Dr. Christine Page.

If you were in the Healing Your 3 Wombs intensive with Janet, Emma, and me last September, you had a good taste of this ever-deepening practice which reflects the cycles of the moon and the feminine mysteries.

Janet was so taken by that experience, that she invited me to work with her on a pre-recorded mini-intensive called The Dark Moon in You, which zeroes in on the how-tos of this powerful lunar practice.

When I feel over-busy or overstretched, or I’ve been pulled into daily drama, or I realize I'm picking up fear, this is the practice that carries me through.

While it focuses on the 3-days of release-rest-receive that we repeat every lunar cycle at the time of the Dark Moon, it’s actually a daily and even moment-by-moment practice that helps us return and return again to who we truly are, so we can live a WHOLE and HOLY life.

Because of this practice of flowing with the Feminine Moon Mysteries—being born, living, dying and reborn every 28-29 days—I know that when the shift hits the fan, I can root into the Great Mother and ask her to take my fears, all that's too much for me to bear, and all that I no longer wish to carry.

This isn’t just conceptual; I physically release it from my body.

And after I empty myself of what is not in harmony with my soul, I can open to receive new insights and creative ideas that allow me to embody and express Her more fully.

This practice reminds me that everything is a cycle and regeneration is always close at hand.

In uncertain times like these, when long-held patriarchal structures are being dismantled and much of the world is roiling in fear, I can rest into a daily practice to release unwanted personal and ancestral stories, beliefs, and emotions, as well as energies I’ve taken on from the collective.

You know me as a“Movement and Mystery initiation Artist” who has co-created a few intensives with Janet.

But years ago, before my own initiation into the mysteries, I co-founded and ran a non-profit for seven years focused on holistic health. We funded research and ran conferences related to complementary and alternative medicine.

But what I was most interested in was the field of psychoneuroimmunology--the study of how various emotions and experiences we store in the body can manifest as physical dis-ease and chronic illness.

There is plenty of scientific research showing that fear supresses the immune system and a growing body of evidence that emotions we do not move through and release have the potential to negatively impact our health.

So in these times when fear (not to mention that virus) seems to be swirling all around us, I feel our best and most empowering response is to double down on mystical practices which restore us from fear and return us to love.

  • We can turn off the news and turn inward, back into the arms of the Mother.
  • We can drop down from beta, stress, and fear into theta.
  • We can come back to our mystical prayer practices of deep soul writing, anointing, Ho‛oponopono, and the goddess rosary.
  • And, if you want a practice that physically empties beliefs, emotions, and stories that are keeping you in fear and may make you more vulnerable to illness, clearing the way for Her to fill you with your unique creative blueprint, consider The Dark Moon in You mini-intensive.

The next Dark Moon begins March 22nd and follows the Spring Equinox. It’s the beginning of the Wheel of the Year and perhaps the most potent time of all to do this work.

You can start at any time, but if you begin soon you can get comfortable with the practices and how to use them daily, so you are thoroughly prepared to step into the 3-day Dark Moon Ritual.

I heard from Dr. Christine Page this week that she has received a brand new energetic clearing practice for the body to help boost our immune system specifically at this time.

It is the perfect add-on to the clearing work we do in The Dark Moon in Youso Janet and I will post a new bonus video about Dr Pages's new practice on the resource page for the mini-intensive this week.

The Dark Moon in You 

Thank you, Keren and Dr Page for this practical ancient, yet brand new feminine practice. It's so comforting to remember what our ancient mothers always knew.

to releasing fear in rhythm with the moon


PS: Two other fear-releasing opportunities:

1. Our ancient goddess rosary intensive just started. This week we discovered what it feels like to be held by the Mother. This coming week we're going to learn the prayers of the rosary as mantra. Join us.

The Radical Path of the Divine Feminine Hidden in the Rosary PRAYER INTENSIVE 

2. I interviewed Dr Neil Douglas-Klotz on Praying at the Speed of Love. Want to hear what Jesus ACTUALLY said in Aramaic about releasing fear? Listen to the original "our father."

Dr Neil Douglas-Klotz 

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