Your body has 5 brilliant intuitive senses

2023 the year we learn to listen to life

Week 8--in which we go to bed one person, wake another, and are thrilled! 

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

Five years ago, this past Thursday, I went to bed knowing who I was (or rather thinking I knew who I was) and woke at 4am to news that I was someone else altogether. A clear voice whispered two words in my left ear. Two words that changed everything. Prayer Artist.

With those words, my life as a spiritual teacher and author of 7 books dissolved. Disappeared. Fell through some kind of crack in the floor. When I woke in the morning, it was clear that it was time to step into a new skin. The skin of a prayer artist—whatever that was. I had no idea. And neither did anyone else. I googled “prayer artist” and stared at the screen in shock. There were ZERO responses. Zero? Have you ever googled something and NOTHING came up? It had never happened to me before or since.

So even though I was alone with this term, and hadn’t a clue what prayer artist meant, and was pretty sure it would change everything, I still picked up a pen and wrote, “If you want me to be your prayer artist, I will be your prayer artist.”

Before I finished the sentence, the first prayer arrived. Followed by more prayers, and more prayers, almost daily at first.

I guess my whisperer wanted me to see and hear and feel and trust that I was indeed a prayer artist.

And the fact that I was the only one was not only not a problem, it was actually ideal. Because I couldn’t read a book or take a workshop or even talk to any other prayer artists, I had to rely on my whisperer. My sacred voice. My guidance. My intuition. My body.

I had to feel my way into prayer artist.

Quickly, I began to notice when a prayer was on the way. Sometimes in the night, sometimes in the liminal space before waking, sometimes while reading a book, sometimes while soul writing. It could come at any time.

But there was always a little clue that let me know to get ready; a prayer was coming.

  • It might be a feeling, almost like a shimmer in the atmosphere.
  • It might be a phrase in a book that literally leapt off the page and landed in my heart.
  • It might be an image or symbol that grabbed my eyes and wouldn’t let go.
  • It might be a movement in the palm fronds or grass.
  • It might be a sound.

I received the prayer “This Moment” on the vernal equinox of 2018, just 28 days after prayer artist while I still quite new at noticing.

I was sitting in my soul writing and reading chair in the living room, totally focused on an intense conversation with Beloved Vibration of Sophia on the page, when a tee tiny sound got my attention. I looked around the living room thinking there might be a bug. But there was no bug. I followed the tinkles to their source outside the glass sliding doors and saw it had begun to rain. The first few drops were hitting the pavers and making the tiniest plops.

I stared at a few wet spots on the pavers for a minute, then looked back at my journal. And this prayer came. I’d like to share it with you today because this same experience just happened again. On the 5th anniversary of prayer artist, no less.

Only this time the sound that opened the floor of the world came not just for me, but for you.

This Moment

©Janet Conner, March 21, 2018

That first tinkle before I know it’s rain…
That first breath before I know I’m awake…
That first sip before I know what I’m tasting…
That first sniff before I know I’m on fire…

That first chord of silent music—
I’m not sure I hear it
Can’t quite catch the tune
But my heart knows it
My heart knows it by heart

That spinning moment—
When the clear road fades
and then disappears
But my feet keep walking
I know not where

That dropping moment—
When the floor between worlds cracks open
I stumble, I trip
I plummet, I land
And everything has changed

That moment
That moment when I know you are here
That moment when I realize you never left

One moment
Our moment
This moment

I am beginning to remember what I never forgot

I’ve loved “This Moment” since the day she arrived. It was the very first prayer I performed in public. Without fail, this prayer drops audiences into a trance where they go deep inside and begin to remember something they never forgot.

This prayer came to mind today as the perfect way to explain what happened on Friday morning at 4am.

Just like five years ago, I went to bed knowing (or rather thinking I knew) how to describe the big intensive for this year, The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch: How to Awaken, Remember, and Trust Your Body’s Natural Intuitive Senses.

My co-collaborators and I have been working on this intensive since December, slowly coming up with five essential intuitive senses

  1. Blind Vision-see what you do not see
  2. Silent Hearing-hear what you do not hear
  3. Touchless Touch-feel what you do not feel
  4. Unconscious Knowing-know what you do not know
  5. Time-less Travel-be where you are not

Once we got the 5, we had the best time gathering delightful ways to experiment with these senses until you—the members of this intensive—actually AWAKEN your intuitive abilities, REMEMBER how to do this, and TRUST that you are indeed seeing things your eyes are not, hearing what your ears are not….

After countless hours of conversation and intense research on animal and plant and earth intelligence, I felt ready to craft the landing page on my site and invite you to awaken your own innate intuitive senses.

I wrote the description, sent it to my web team, and went to bed Thursday night, feeling very good about what we were creating.

And then, at 4 am, that voice returned!

Only this time She had a lot more than two words to say. With my eyes closed, I pulled the yellow pad beside me onto my stomach and took dictation.

The first thing She said was Hogwarts. Hogwarts! What?

Now, as the mother of a Harry Potter obsessed 9-year-old boy, I know a thing or two about Hogwarts. But, really? What does Hogwarts have to do with The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch?

Turns out everything.

Because Hogwarts was a complete WORLD and She reminded me, “___________ is a complete mystical world within the world.”

Note that She didn’t tell me the name of this world, just that it’s a world.

There was no time to question Her, I scrambled to write as quickly as I could the list of things this prayer intensive has in common with Hogwarts.

But She started first with being we have that Harry Potter world did not:

  • the Goddess with a new face Our Lady Queen of Magicians
  • our own Archangels Luci and Michael
  • the greatest mystic witch of all time, Joan of Arc
  • our Mystic Families supporting us lifetime after lifetime
  • and Aurora, who Cathy Pratty painted to show us who we really are when our intuitive senses are wide open

Once She made it clear that we are stepping into this experience surrounded and held by the highest vibration of Love, She went back to Her list of things we have in common with Hogwarts:

  • Spells—oh yes, a week ago She gave me far and away the most powerful anointing I’ve ever received
  • Potions—oh yes, Emma Kupu Mitchell blended Becoming Anointing Oil following the instructions of Mary Magdalene, Madame Pele, and Black Moon Lilith
  • Classes—yup, we’ve got five of them planned
  • Professors—oh heavens, we have the BEST: mediums Suzi von Menzenkampff and Ramzi Cheety, plant whisperer Emma Kupu, and Her Sacred Image artist, Cathy Pratt, and me, plus special guests
  • Wands—it isn’t a magic world without a wand! We have pendulums, prayer beads, chaplets…
  • Insignia—my female trinity assignment from Joan of Arc which is now a gold amulet
  • Familiar—have you seen Harry with his white snowy owl? Well, it wasn’t an accident that I felt I had to add familiars to the description. Communicating with your familiar is a perfect and totally delightful way to begin to open your invisible ears

She ended with “We are witch-magicians living in a miraculous world”

And finally, She gave me the name of this world, this magical school. I held my breath. And listened very intently as She said:


I had to do the numerology. (yes, in the dark, with my eyes closed, I had to know) Mystica is a 27. And ten guesses what else is a 27:


So yesterday, when Suzi, Ramzi, Emma, and Cathy and I met to record the landing page video I told them about Mystica. Suzi’s mouth dropped. Ramzi began to laugh. Cathy nodded vigorously. And Emma smiled that deep inner knowing that this—this—is true.

When you watch the recording you can see and feel and hear our joy, our surprise. And smack in the middle of it, Suzi blurted out “innerversity,” and my ears opened wide! So the full name of this place, this world, this mystical school is:

Mystica InnerVersity

And what happens there? Why you begin to remember what you never forgot!

Do please visit the special page we made for you. Watch our joyful video. Read the description of the 5 intuitive senses. Pick your registration. (There are three options) and come and play!

We open Sunday, March 26 from 2-4:15pm Eastern and run through June 11. All details are on the landing page. Click on the link below Aurora.

Emma explains on the video why this timing is PERFECT. Age of Aquarius, here we come!

The A.R.T of Becoming a Witch

to beginning to remember what we never forgot!


PS: Are you wondering about the bad guy, he “who must not be named.” Oh yes, that’s in Mystica too. And you already know “who” or rather “what” that is. It’s patriarchal conditioning, left-brain programming, domination, hierarchy…everything that has to be swept aside to birth a new way of living in harmony and joy with everyone on this planet. Everyone. Plants, animals, rocks, and clouds.

Everything is alive, aware, and intelligent, despite what patriarchy has told us. And we, the Witch-Magicians of Mystica, are beginning to remember.

The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch: How to Awaken, Remember, and Trust Your Body's Natural Intuitive Senses


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