Your new Lunar Prayer for the new Astrological Year

2024 a year of sacred memory, dreaming dragons, and original prayer

Week 14--in which we write a Lunar Vow for the new astrological year

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

In last Sunday’s Notes from the Field, I offered some thoughts on how to prepare for the Total Solar Eclipse coming tomorrow, Monday, April 8. I will be honoring this momentous eclipse in silence as part of a global meditation group. If you haven’t made a plan yet, you can simply stop, be silent, welcome the moon and the sun’s meeting, and let your body receive the changes. And perhaps do some deep soul writing or sketching afterward. It’s a beautiful day to be outside, too.

But there’s something else very important about this day. It’s the first day of a whole new astrological year. In last Sunday’s Note, I promised to talk about how to write a prayer for your new lunar year.

I’ve written my “Lunar Vow” on the third day of the New Moon that ushers in a whole new astrological year every year since 2016. I never understand what I’ve written, but I say it aloud every day as I start my deep soul writing until the following astrological year.

And without fail, my lunar prayer ushers in something more magical than I could have imagined.

Last year, for example I wrote a short prayer on March 21 inspired by a line in the Chandra for that new year: “I am ready. Make of me a hardy vessel for my Mother’s Garden of Reverence.”

That prayer was a whole lot bigger and more magical than I realized! And it worked FAST. Within three weeks, The Witch Sequence began to reveal itself, showing me and my witch sister Cathy Pratt that there are 7 original sacramental WitchArt gifts. And we awaken each one as we walk one circuit of the most ancient labyrinth—the 7-circuit.

My short prayer morphed rather quickly into what is now the opening incantation for every gathering in the Witch Sequence. I cannot express how much I love this prayer!

Our Lady Queen of Magicians,

You have shown us the blueprint—
the Witch Sequence
You have whispered the purpose—
to heal the wasteland

You have send the Archangels, Luci and Michael—twin guardians of your original culture of prayer, love, reverence, and devotion
You have summoned seven dragons to sing the song of the Whole and Holy Witch

Now, we ask, that you gather the witches, hold our hands, guide our feet ss we walk your ancient sacred womb labyrinth to awaken, remember, and trust your 7 Original Sacramental WitchArt gifts:

full body intuition, threshold crossing,
original prayer, myrrhophore anointing,
divination, devotion, dragon

Ours once. Ours once again. Ours always.
Canticum Somnium Draconis

Quite the transformation, don’t you think!

There’s no doubt in my mind that my short: “make me a hardy vessel” opened the door to this massive work that I am honored to bring to life.

If you’d like to write your own lunar vow for the coming astrological year that opens Monday as the moon enters Aries at 19° 24’, here is how I do it.

The first thing to understand is that the moon is dark for three days. And you do something different on each of the days.

Day 1—Sunday

On the first day, you look back at the year that is ending. Jot down everything that happened and notice the pattern, the story, the song that this year has been singing. If you wrote a lunar vow last year, this would be your “review” day. For me, it’s been a wildly delicious year inviting me to live my soul’s purpose to the full. But what has it brought for you? Whatever happened, look back at it all with eyes of love.

Then identify the treasures, gifts, and new beginnings that you wish to carry into the new astrological year. And, on the other hand, identify the wounds, old stories, old resentments you do NOT want to carry into the new astrological year.

At the end of the day, speak what you are keeping aloud and release everything else. You might write what you are releasing on strips of paper and burn them, or flush them, or bury them.

Day 2—Monday

The 2nd dark moon day is the actual day of the New Moon. This year, the new astrological year opens with a bang—a Total Solar Eclipse. A big day for sure! You don’t do much. Silence and reflection and prayer are the best ways to be open to the massive shifts that are happening.

Day 3—Tuesday

The 3rd and final day of the dark moon is a magical day, filled with the energy of a whole new beginning. This is when I write my new lunar vow. I find my inspiration for my new prayer in the Chandra for the degree of Aries that initiates the new year. I will read this multiple times on Tuesday and just notice any words or images or phrases that leap out at me.

Then, I’ll take whatever wants my attention into deep soul writing. Usually the new lunar vow practically writes itself. Here’s the Chandra from Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale. Read and re-read it, especially in light of whatever you felt on Monday. But don’t try to force the prayer. It will come.

Chandra Aries 20
An empty courtyard

Nothing is left. Reality is scattered. Self-obliterated. The familiar tendered irrelevant. Apocalyptic changes, personal and collective, take over. No being, only action. You become a projectile of intent, literally identify with what you can do now. A barren wasteland of an inner world. A thrust outside. Stark and surreal. You feel compelled to dare, pushed over the edge, no going back—destiny as frenzy. And in this wild, volatile mix, creative forces are released that would never come out any other way. Yielding to the role of the purging and cleansing agent of changes, you are unable to wriggle out of anything ever again.

What leaps out at you? For me it’s “compelled to dare…no going back…role of purging and cleansing agent of changes.”

I won’t write the prayer till Tuesday, but for now, those are the words that are singing in my heart. I feel this Chandra is announcing a powerful year and a year in which I totally embrace my roles as a prayer artist, mystic witch and fire keeper. In other words, my role as an “agent of changes.”

What is the Chandra awakening in you?

Have a blessed New Moon and Solar Eclipse as we step into a new astrological year overflowing with possibility.

to writing your own Lunar Vow for this year of a radical new beginning  



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