Can a pandemic be a pilgrimage?

Greetings precious friends from my home to yours,

Everything has changed, hasn’t it? In a blink. How many days has it been since your world was completely upended?

Here in the United States, the governors of most states, including my own, are still unwilling to acknowledge the public health reality that we simply must separate ourselves in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus. And the shocking escalation of deaths in huge black letters across the front page of the paper shouts the consequences.

My friends in Italy describe what has to be done. Friends in England describe the shock of a sudden lack of food thanks to the convergence of the virus with the stoppage of EU food shipments thanks to Brexit.

I was born after World War II, but I heard my mother tell stories of victory gardens and food rationing.

And here we are, in a world we’ve never seen before and a world we naively thought we’d never see.

But maybe it has been foretold.

Astrologers have said since 2015 that major change is coming. The Masters and Teachers told me in 2016 that everyone feels homeless. For the last several years, Our Lady of Woodstock has given a message each month to Clark Strand and Perdita Finn telling us how to prepare for chaos.

And the numerology is almost comical. 2020 is a 4 year, the year we are to create a new structure. Well, as structures crash all around us, we really have no choice, right? You can also see 20/20 vision in our year. So, hmm, are we being given an opportunity to see what we have been unwilling to see?

Oh dear.

So right now, as we shelter at home, we have a choice.

We can worry and fret and thrash through another sleepless night or we can look at where we are and choose to see it with new eyes. Our eyes may not have 20/20 vision yet, but perhaps by the end of the year, we’ll be able to see what has crumbled to the ground and what we have begun to create.

So here’s what I’m doing.

I begin by acknowledging this is traumatic.

I know a thing or two about personal trauma. I have lived through three big ones: a dangerous divorce, a saved-at-the-last-minute brush with bankruptcy, and a real shocker: watching my 24-year-old son get thrown in federal prison for political reasons.

I know that what I am about to say may not sit well with you at first. But take a breath and see how this lands by the time I finish. This is how I am seeing the possibilities nascent in this time of our modern plague.

First, acknowledge that we are in a global public health crisis.

And that crisis could last at least 60 days for the virus to peak and another 60 for the virus to decline. That bell curve means we could be at home for 120 days. I know that’s scary to hear, but when I heard it, it landed in my gut as truth. And a strange sense of peace fell over me.

Once we accept that this is not a situation any politician can wave away, we have a precious moment in time in which we can look around at our four walls and ask ourselves: OK, if this is my reality for a few months, how do I choose to live in this state of unknowing.

And not knowing does seem to be the one thing we know right now.

  • We know that we DON’T know when this will end.
  • We know that we don’t know how we’ll survive financially.
  • We don’t know if we’ll stay well or if the people we love will stay well.
  • We don’t know if the businesses and institutions we rely on will survive. The moment it really hit me that this is REAL was when I read yesterday that all the libraries are closed.

But there is one thing I do know.

As someone who has survived three major traumas, I know that trauma can be an astonishing creative opportunity. Trauma can change your life for the better.

Consider my case:

  • divorce gave birth to deep soul writing, completely altered the trajectory of my life and produced Writing Down Your Soul which in turn gave birth to an entire writing career
  • bankruptcy gave birth to a completely different way of creating your life which became The Lotus and The Lily and a vibrant teaching career
  • watching my son suffer in prison gave birth to a very deep dive into forgiveness which became the first prayer intensive on Ho‛oponopono which has become a whole new way to create mystical prayer communities

I am the poster child for the beauty that happens when we dive deep into The Mystic seeking guidance to move INTO and THROUGH a trauma.

I am who I am because I crawled on my hands and knees through 3 horrific experiences.

I went through those traumatic experiences by myself. This time, however, I am not alone. None of us is alone.

Every single one of us is experiencing this trauma together. And this could be a very good thing.

If we all take a deep breath, acknowledge we are walking through this trauma together, admit that none of us knows what will happen or what the world will look like when it’s over, then we can begin this pilgrimage together.

And that’s what I think it is--a pilgrimage.

We are being given a sacred window of time, maybe 120 days, maybe less, maybe more.

My divorce was a sacred window. My bankruptcy was a sacred window. My son in prison was a very sacred window. All three were opportunities to let go of control and drop, drop, drop into the Divine Feminine's loving arms and follow where She led.

Today we stand at the threshold of this pilgrimage.

I was awakened in the night last week and told to create a pilgrimage. I don’t yet know what shape it will take, but I am listening very hard to every whisper and will soon share what I am being told to create. I promise you there will be deep soul community opportunities from now through July.

But I do see where we are today.

Our toes are at the threshold of a sacred door.

That door opens tomorrow, Monday, March 30 as we gather around Dr Christine Page, a brilliant mystical physician who walked through the traumatic epidemic called AIDS.

Here is a short note Dr Page sent today:

I'm so grateful to you Janet for inviting me to share my intuitive insights & wisdom from over 40 years of being a holistic doctor.

I'm so looking forward to speaking to you all & taking your questions, as you listen across the globe in the sanctity of your own home. Home is so important to us at this time: home in our bodies, in our family homes and home on Mother Earth.  

I'll be sharing with you the makeup of a virus from a holistic standpoint, how we can balance its effects on our energy bodies, and what it may be teaching us as we move forward beyond this crisis.

Until then, blessings Christine

We are so very blessed that Dr Page will be with us for two 90-minutes sessions:

Monday, March 30 at 7:00-8:30 pm eastern and Saturday, April 4 from 2:00-3:30 pm eastern.

In this special event, The Doctor Is In: A Comprehensive Holistic Approach to Health and Wellness in a Time of Fear, Dr Page will talk about:

  • the nature and purpose of a virus (hint it's the same as a strand of RNA)
  • why some people get sick and others do not
  • the surprising emotion at the core of this disease
  • why this virus is impacting lungs and kidneys and how to protect them
  • how to boost your immune system
  • the role of stories and fear in illness
  • the role of prayer and spiritual practice in health
  • the unusual astrological timing
  • and much much more

Click on this link and read a full description of the event and register. The registration fee is a tiny fraction of the value of 3 hours with Dr Page! 

The Doctor Is In

to sharing the first steps of this sacred window of time together


PS Up to 100 people can join us live for each gathering. We are now over 70, so please register today.

The Doctor is In

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