The Doctor Is In–a special event with Dr Christine Page

If you’ve been reading these Notes from the Field for a while, you know that Sophia, the name of the divine feminine for me, is not an idea.

She is real. She is alive. She is present.

And She is in constant communication. And not just with me. She longs for every one of us to hear Her.

I am simply someone who has learned how to train myself to stay open and receptive in the divine playground called the theta brainwave state.

This way of living began 22 years ago when I stumble-bummed into deep soul writing, and from there, as guidance kept showing up on the page, I followed any crumbs until I found myself dropping deeper and deeper into The Mystic.

Our patriarchal religions made the mystical life sound distant, ephemeral, unattainable. That’s nonsense.

The Mystic is alive, present and in constant conversation. All we have to do is slow down enough to hear Her.

Sitting here, in isolation in my house, I realize that we are now in a situation where we have no choice but to slow down and listen!

And I realize that these 22 years of listening to the Voice of the Mystic and following the guidance I receive has prepared me well for this strange, strange time.

After 22 years, I trust the Voice. And when She wakes me in the night, I pay attention.

  • Two years ago I heard “prayer artist” and changed everything I do to share the ancient and new art of prayer.
  • Last August, I was awakened with orders to create a prayer practice to close the immigration detention centers. I shot out of bed and created “They Are All Our Children.”
  • Last week, as news of the corona virus was beginning to emerge, I was awakened in the night and told to create a special event on how to move through this epidemic.
  • And I was told exactly who to invite to lead us: Dr Christine Page.

Christine Page is a very rare physician.

In addition to 40 years in the medical field, she is an expert in Holistic Medicine, Epigenetics, and Psychoneuroimmunology.

And—and this is of the utmost importance right now—she was on the front lines of the AIDS epidemic before it even had a name.

On top of all that deep deep understanding of medicine and health, she is the author of the single most important book for women, The Healing Power of the Sacred Woman.

I started following Dr Page's dark moon ritual 7 months ago and it has dramatically amplified my ability to hear the divine feminine speaking in and through me.

I contacted Dr Page immediately. Ordinarily, she would be traveling the world training women on how to connect with their divine feminine energy, but, like all of us, she is now working from home.

We are so very blessed that she is going to be with us for two 90-minutes sessions:

Monday, March 30 at 7:00-8:30 pm eastern and Saturday, April 4 from 2:00-3:30 pm eastern.

In this special event, The Doctor Is In: A Comprehensive Holistic Approach to Health and Wellness in a Time of FearDr Page will talk about:

  • the nature and purpose of a virus (hint it's the same as a strand of RNA)
  • why some people get sick and others do not
  • the surprising emotion at the core of this disease
  • why this virus is impacting lungs and kidneys and how to protect them
  • how to boost your immune system
  • the role of stories and fear in illness
  • the role of prayer and spiritual practice in health
  • the unusual astrological timing
  • and much much more

I asked Dr Page how we might prepare for this special event and she sent this short powerful note.

"Spend some time this week looking beyond our immediate crisis.

How is our world changing because of events? Despite social distancing, we may be spending time with family, having to find inventive ways to keep in touch with friends & perhaps shifting our way of working.

This is all under the influence of Saturn (structure) moving into Aquarius (innovation, community, social idealism).

Our world is changing for the best: our views on life, love, relationships & work will never be the same. Sometimes it takes a crisis to get us to change but we'll make it!"

Click on this link and read a fuller description of the event and register. The registration fee is a tiny fraction of the value of 3 hours with Dr Page!

The Doctor Is In

to preparing to live in health and harmony in a world that will never be the same


PS We chose the two different dates and times so people around the world could be with us live at least once.

Everything will be recorded and available in both video and audio formats on a private resource page on my site.

Up to 100 people can join us live for each gathering. I'm confident this will fill quickly, so please register right away.

And tell your friends. This is a very rare opportunity to sit with a very special physician. And all without leaving your home.

Social distancing at its best!

The Doctor is In

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