Can Ho’oponopono heal your body?

2013 was a strange year. How could one year be filled with so much sorrow–and so much grace and possibility. 

In May of 2013, my son was sent to a high security federal prison in New York city by an 83-year-old federal judge who was livid that Jerry would not answer questions about other political activists in front of a secret federal grand jury.

I was there when it happened.

I saw the judge lose it completely, screaming at the top of his lungs, “Don’t you know what I can do to you, young man!” Jerry stood silent, as he’d been advised by his attorney.

And sure enough, the judge ordered him to prison to coerce him to speak. In shock I watched Jerry hand his belt and wallet to his girlfriend, mouth I love you to me, get handcuffed, and walk out flanked by bailiffs.

I know this is hard for Americans to comprehend. It was hard for me to comprehend. Still is.

But a judge can send you to prison to force you to divulge information. No charges. No trial. No verdict. Perhaps you’ve heard of the famous case of a New York Times reporter who was sent to prison to try to get her to divulge her sources.

So my 24-year-old son went to prison. The same week my soul purpose course opened.

Little did I know that a member of that course would open a door into the mystical depths of prayer, and these many years later, I would be transformed and transmuted completely into a prayer artist as a result.

The mystical prayer was Ho‘oponopono.

The student was Emma Kupu Mitchell.

The only thing I noticed about Emma at the time was that her city in Hawaii was all vowels. I stared at her registration, wondering if she’d left a couple consonants out.

As the soul purpose course continued, my son began to fall apart. By November, he had stopped eating and crawled into the fetal position on his bunk. Even the judge was worried and ordered a psychiatric evaluation.

I went into intense prayer mode showering the prison with light as the masters and teachers of the Akashic Record had instructed.

Emma could tell I needed help and requested permission from her Kumu (teacher) to give me the ancient form of the prayer. Emma received the permission and walked me through how to say this long form. (Far deeper than the popular 4 sentence version.)

Immediately I added it to my daily light-to-the-prison practice. It was HARD. Because I knew I had to say the prayer not just for my son, but for the judge. There were days I just couldn’t do it.

But then, I’d pick up that folded paper and try again. Often, I choked on the words asking that the judge be freed from his negative aka cords and be cleansed, purified, and transmuted to the pathway of light. (I had a few other thoughts about the pathway I’d like him on!)

But I’d force myself to say it anyway. Until I meant it. Really meant it.

By Christmas everyone had given up on Jerry getting out of prison before the grand jury was unseated the following April.

Everyone but me. I wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

So I showed up in my sacred writing room every bloomin’ day showering the prison with light and love and praying this ancient prayer of forgiveness for my son in prison and the judge and prosecutor who put him there.

On January 28, 2014, five years ago tomorrow, my son called collect from the lobby of the courthouse to say he’d been released and didn’t know what to do.

He was in prison clothes and cotton slip-ons with no coat or money. So, he ran in the cold (we’re talking New York in January) 8 blocks to his attorney’s office, terrified the marshals would be running after him to say they’d made a mistake.

A week later I read the judge’s release order.

For 21 pages, the judge fumed about Jerry and his friends and his politics and his family (that would be me), and even the thousands of people who signed petitions. But then on the last paragraph on the last page, he wrote: But he has proven he cannot be coerced to speak and I do not have the authority to keep him in prison, so he is released.

I asked the masters and teachers (through Lauralyn Bunn) what happened to get the judge to release Jerry?

They said prayer got the judge to ask a question he had never asked before: What is authority.

They said the old voice of the judge wrote the 21 pages of vitriol, but the “voice of the king” wrote the paragraph of release.

Then they said something startling. They said: When we speak to you, we speak to the king in you.

Ho‘oponopono is the prayer of the king, the prayer of the queen–in me, in you, in all of us who pray with the sacred desire to forgive at the deepest levels.

In 2014, I thought Ho‘oponopono was a miracle. And it was. But the miracle was just beginning. And once again, it was tied to my son.

After spending 253 days in prison, Jerry changed his life course from getting a PhD in philosophy and becoming a professor to going to law school and becoming a lawyer so he could keep people out of prison.

But he struggled mightily with his first semester of law school. Things were not looking good.

So I got out my tattered Ho‘oponopono and began to pray to cut any negative aka cords keeping Jerry from fulfilling his soul’s sacred desire to embody truth and justice in this world.

And the most amazing thing happened. I stumbled upon how to cut aka cords not just in this lifetime, but in all lifetimes.

And my son shifted from saying, “Mom, I might not make it,” to “Mom, I can do this,” in a matter of days. Days! And he passed all his courses.

I called Lahela Johnson, a Kahu—keeper of the ancient ways, who was ordained with Emma. As I told her what happened with Jerry and what I’d stumbled upon, she lit up and suddenly we both knew we had to create a Ho‘oponopono prayer intensive to teach others how to cut ancient aka cords.  

We called it The Goddess Forgives because this prayer is so beyond any person’s human capacity to forgive.

When generations of people who have passed down ancestral wounds for millennia are all freed—and you get signs and messages that prove that they are—you know that this is the Voice of the Queen moving in and through and as you.

Seventy-five people showed up for that intensive. And asked for more.

So we created The Goddess Forgives Me, a very deep dive into self-forgiveness.

And still people wanted more and Lahela and I created The Goddess Forgives Us All.

Over 230 people came to those intensives. Many attended all 3.

But Ho‘oponopono isn’t finished with us.

She is so wide and so deep and so beautiful. And always a surprise.

This year, Lahela and I are aware of 2 Ho‘oponopono intensives.

One in March for Mother Earth and The Goddess Forgives; My Body Heals starting in 2 weeks on Monday February 11.

You’d think after creating 3 of these Ho‘oponopono prayer intensives, that Lahela and I would know how to structure the event. But what we’ve learned is that we’re not in charge.

Ho‘oponopono itself knows what’s needed next and how Lahela and I are to present it.

All Lahela and I do is get together on Zoom, look into one another’s eyes, and start sharing the guidance we receive. We are always surprised by what comes through.

And this one is a big surprise. The focus is on healing. Personal physical healing. But the way we’ll get there is a mystical adventure. Here are a few highlights:

  • In a guided meditation on opening night, you’ll meet your ‘Aumakua, your personal healing spirit or animal guide
  • Your ‘Aumakua will work with you to identify where your wounds manifest in your body
  • You’ll learn how to activate the mana in your hands to pull the negative energy out of your wound
  • You’ll track your negative self-talk and transform it 
  • You’ll find the seed of love buried deep inside your great wound
  • You’ll discover where Chiron, the wounded healer, is in your natal chart and work with Chiron to understand your wound
  • You’ll transmute your wounds through personal and ancestral Ho‘oponopono 

Previous Ho’oponopono intensives have been on Saturday afternoons, but this one is on Monday at 7pm Eastern. Visit the intensive page and watch the video Lahela and I made, read all about the intensive, check out the schedule (although don’t worry if you can’t be with us live, everything is recorded in both video and audio formats).

Then, register and join a global soul community diving DEEP into the mystical healing power of this ancient sacred Hawaiian treausure, Ho’oponopono.

The Goddess Forgives; My Body Heals

to the healing that comes when we pray with the Voice of the Queen 


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