A personal letter on healing from Kahu Lāhela on Ho’oponopono

When Kahu Lāhela and I created the first Ho’oponopono prayer intensive, we couldn’t see the beatiful future. But we knew with all our hearts that this prayer is alive and leading the way.   

Last March when Lāhela and I got together to create The Goddess Forgives prayer intensive, we didn’t know what we were doing.

I had only heard the words “prayer artist” the month before, and I didn’t feel anywhere near ready to announce a prayer intensive.

Shoot, I didn’t even know what a prayer intensive was!

But Ho‘oponopono wasn’t interested in waiting for me to catch up. She landed in my heart and opened a door to the past I didn’t know was there.

It was the prayer itself that taught me how to pray it to forgive and release lifetime after lifetime of trauma and pain.

And the signs and messages that ancestral healing was real were unmistakable.

I called Lāhela to tell her what I was experiencing, and all I could do was shout, “It’s alive! It’s alive! This prayer is alive!”

Lāhela just laughed because, of course, as a Kahu—keeper of the ancient ways—she knows the ancient ways are as alive and vibrant and transformative today as they ever were.

We knew we wanted to share the beauty of Ho‘oponopono, but what would the event look like? There had never been a prayer intensive before, so there was no model, no structure to follow.

We listened very deeply to our guidance—she in communion with her Spirit Guides, me in communion with Sophia on the page and in the night.

When Lāhela and I got together to plan, our guides must have been in conversation with one another, because the sparks just flew! In less than an hour we had constructed my first ever prayer intensive.

And now, after 3 The Goddess Forgives intensives, it sure looks like we stumbled upon a simple and powerful structure.

We gather for three consecutive Saturdays (Note: for this February intensive, we meet on Mondays), introduce a new facet of the prayer in each gathering, and invite the members to pray every day between our gatherings.

Then, when we get together, the community shares their experiences and questions from the week before, and Lāhela and I introduce another facet of the prayer which we practice together. 

Lāhela and I entered into this adventure with one sacred desire: to share the miraculous healing power of forgiveness flowing down to us over the ages in the ancient Shamanic practice of Ho‘oponopono.

On one level, you could say that desire has been fulfilled. But because the prayer is so alive and so fathomless, we always find ourselves wanting more. With each intensive, we find we want to go deeper and deeper into this prayer’s loving arms.

So what we thought would be 1 Ho‘oponopono prayer intensive has turned into 5!

On Monday, February 11, we open the 4th. It’s called The Goddess Forgives; My Body Heals.

But please don’t think we planned it this way.

As 2018 was drawing to a close, Lāhela and I felt deep in our bones that we wanted to invite the whole world to pray Ho‘oponopono under the Vernal Equinox Full Moon in March 2019 to cut all the aka cords we humans have wrapped around our precious Mother Earth with our greed and abuse.

We chose 3 Saturdays in March, put it on my new website, and thought we were all set.

I’m not sure who instigated what happened next.

  • Was it Mother Earth herself knowing what we needed to do before we could help her?
  • Was it Sophia waking me in the night? 
  • Was it Ho’oponopono itself? For there is no doubt in my mind that this prayer is alive and leading the way.

I don’t know who to thank, but I woke with a stark knowing that we had to have a FEBRUARY forgiveness intensive to remove our own aka cords and heal our own wounds before we’d be ready to hold our Mother Earth in our praying hands in March.

I called Lāhela and here we are, opening The Goddess Forgives; My Body Heals.

I asked Lahela if there was anything she wanted to say to my Notes from the Field audience about this very different and very deep prayer intensive. 

Here is her letter to you:

Aloha mai kākou!

As a prequel to Hoʻoponopono for Mother Earthcoming in March, Janet and I felt it would be most important to learn how to connect to our own bodies first and cleanse and heal ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

Our bodies store our wounds, emotions, pain, trauma, and painful memories in our organs, muscles, and tissues. Our soul is trying to communicate with us through our bodies, and it shines light upon that part of ourselves that needs our attention.

More importantly, it wants us to discover the message, the gift, the blessing, the golden nugget hidden within the wound, that when discovered, becomes the key that unlocks a deeper awareness. 

In this intensive, The Goddess Forgives; My Body Heals, I will lead you in a guided meditation where you will meet your own personal guide, your ʻAumakua (animal or elemental guide), who will assist you in discovering your wound and reveal to you the gift within the wound that will lead you on your journey toward healing, and perhaps guide you toward openness, self-love, and expansion.

Through Hoʻoponopono, the powerful prayer of forgiveness, you will release trapped emotion and pain that your body has been carrying for a very long time. 

Your close relationship with your ʻAumakua will help you to learn more about yourself so you can be empowered and harness your personal mana (healing power) that you can use to heal yourself and your surroundings.

This daily practicewill help you to strengthen your inner knowingness, your trust in yourself, and an inherent belief (without a doubt) that you have the mana and the ability to create positive change for you, your family, your home, your relationships, your whole life. By tapping into this source, you will feel a sense of selflessness and excitement that will open you to new experiences and unlimited possibilities. 

These are exciting times and everyone is being called to make a difference and have a positive impact on the World, but the journey begins with us healing ourselves first.

I hope you join us in this unique discovery that is ready and waiting for you. 

Me Ke Aloha Pumehana (warmest regards),


We open Monday February 11. (Check out all the details on the event page including the brand new registration option.)

We are already 72 and I can host 100. I know we will fill, so please register right away. And invite friends to join us.

I will send the welcome email with a link to our resource page when I receive your registration. Then, you can begin watching training videos on Ho’oponopono.

The Goddess Forgives; My Body Heals

to releasing trapped toxins, honoring the gift waiting to be discovered in our wounds, and experiencing the freedom that comes with true forgiveness, 


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