Do you see your pattern of life and death?

"The authors of the New Testament applied gematria--a literary device whereby the sums of certain phrases produce significant sacred numbers--to convey special concepts."

Margaret Starbird, Magdalene's Lost Legacy


This July is a wild one. Are you feeling it? Two new moons. Solar Eclipse. Lunar Eclipse. Six planets in retrograde.

Even if you don’t pay attention to astrology, your body does.

Your body is designed to tune into the rhythm of the sun and the moon, and it also picks up sparks of the celestial dance happening all around us.

Does that sound strange? It’s really not. And it’s most certainly not mystical jargon—or as the patriarchy likes to label it, “woo-woo.” The design of your body is plain and pure and magnificent science.

The fact is you and I are made of saltwater and stardust.

No wonder our bodies, at 78% water, move with the ebb and flow of the moon, just like the tides. And no wonder our bodies, made of the same elements as stardust, pick up the music of the spheres and long to dance.

The bible was right. We are dust, but not the dirty-dust of the judgmental religions; we are magic-dancing-dust.

I’m hyper aware of this right now because I’m in the midst of leading the Deep Soul Writing in The Mystic prayer intensive in which we are tracking our soul writing and creative energy along with the waxing and waning moon.

I started doing this last April when Emma Kupu Mitchell introduced us to the idea in The Moon and Me in 2019 prayer intensive. I wasn’t sure what I was tracking, but I just kept making little notes on a 29-day circle chart of how I felt, how well I slept, ideas that came my way, bursts of energy….

And slowly I began to see a pattern.

It’s true, our creative energy really does wax and wane along with the moon.

In the dark of the new moon, seeds are planted that we don’t even know are being planted. Then, as the moon light grows, our ideas grow, until they ripen under the full moon, and finally are given away as the moon wanes and returns to the dark.

You might not see the pattern if you just look at one month. I didn’t. But now I am pretty sure that at the end of this lunar year, I will look back at 12 pieces of paper tracking my creativity and energy and I will see patterns emerge.


This is an interesting word. An interesting concept. What are patterns? How can we begin to notice them? And once we notice, what do they reveal?

Looking at the word, I remember my son’s third grade teacher in a new public school telling me he was way ahead of his classmates in math. I said math? He’s not good at math. He’s more of a reader and deep thinker. What do you mean? She said, well, he can do multiplication tables without knowing he’s even doing them, he just sees the pattern.


Thanks to my moon chart, I’ve now got patterns on the brain. I want to notice my personal patterns. And then, I can’t help but wonder if my little patterns don’t perhaps point to bigger patterns. If I’m one hologram of the cosmic whole; then aren’t my patterns universal? Or do they at least point to some sort of universal mystical truth?

These are crazy big questions, but those are the questions I like. And so with patterns on the brain, I guess I was primed to notice a big one.

It began to surface on July 11.

As I wrote 7-11 at the top of a new blank page in my journal, I calculated that it was the 27th anniversary of my father’s death. And then, staring at the number 27, I flashed back to the day I fell in love with numerology.

It was July 2, 2007.

My sister called from St Paul to say that Mom died that morning. This was expected. Mom was 94 and deep in dementia. The hospice caregivers had told us she would die any day. But her soul chose July 2, 2007.

As I wrote 7-2-2007 at the top of a new page in my journal, I stared at the date with its repeating numbers, and I suddenly asked myself, “Gee, I wonder if my mother was a 27/9?”

I added up the single digits in her birth date and lo and behold I was staring at 27/9. What?

I jumped up and got Dan Millman’s The Life You Were Born to Live, and read one paragraph about 27/9s. It was so accurate, it was scary. Then I read the chapter on my soul’s birth date choice—35/8. Bloody accurate. Next I went to my son’s life path number, 39/12. It was so accurate I started to cry.

What is this! What soul wisdom is hidden in our birth dates? From that morning on, I began to notice birth dates.

Then, in December of 2014, I was too sick to move for 40 days and 40 nights (talk about a number pattern). All I did was read books about the divine feminine. One of them was Magdalene’s Lost Legacy. In it, Margaret Starbird talks about Gematria, the ancient Hebrew and Greek art of conveying mystical meaning in words through the numeric vibration of their letters. Without understanding the mystical patterns held in those words, we totally miss the real meaning of the stories in the Hebrew and Christian bibles.

In Magdalene’s Lost Legacy I stumbled upon the meaning of 108—the number of the divine feminine and the radius of the moon in miles. And Jesus’ name, the dove, and so much more. But the one that blew Margaret Starbird’s mind completely is 153, the number of fishes caught in the net when Jesus tells the apostles to put down a net. 153 is the number of “The Magdalene” and the number of the ancient sacred geometry of the vesica piscis—the womb or matrix of all life.

The divine feminine symbolism held in words in the Jesus and Magdalene stories is astonishing.

After 2014, my eyes began to see patterns in numbers everywhere.

And then, in divine timing, depth numerologist Emma Kupu Mitchell fell into my life.

I now have an annual deep numerology consultation with Emma on my birthday to help me understand and work with the vibration of my new personal year.

It was Emma who told me that by the end of 2018, I would be a different person. And, thanks to “prayer artist,” didn’t that ever turn out to be true!

I’m not a trained numerologist, Emma is, but I do pay attention to patterns.

So on July 11, after noticing it was the anniversary of my father’s death, I began to jot down other big anniversaries in my personal and creative life that happened in July. At the end, I stared at the page in shock:

2 deaths
1 near death
5 births
1 conception
1 marriage
1 divorce
3 major rebirths that came through the death of an old pattern

Well now. What is it about July? There is no other month in my life so packed full of life and death.

Have you ever looked at the pattern of life-death-rebirth in your life?

Do the dates clump into one month or one season? It’s a thrilling question to take to the page in deep soul writing.

It may take a while to begin to notice these patterns in your life. It’s an ongoing discovery. They do like to hide.

They hide right under our noses in words, names, dates, clock time…everywhere we look, they’re there. But we have to learn how to see the pattern.

I’m thrilled to announce that Emma Kupu Mitchell and I will be leading a numerology intensive in August. It’s called The Numbers in You.

And I’ll save you the trouble of doing the math. It adds up to an 11, the master number of the divine feminine and angelic wisdom.

It’ll be ready for registration next Sunday after I invite the members of the current intensive. We are 108 (yes!) in 11 countries (yes!) and I want to give them first dibbies.

So watch for your invitation next Sunday. In the meantime, start paying attention to numeric patterns showing up in your life!

to tuning into the love song in numbers,


PS You might want to notice how your stardust body reacts to the Full Moon with lunar eclipse on the 17th!

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