What happens when we pray…together?

When I first heard the words, “prayer artist” in the night, I didn’t have a clue what it meant or where it would take me. And it scared me.

But not because I heard it in the night.

That happens so often I take a yellow notepad to bed. I treasure all the middle-of-the-night downloads I capture on that yellow pad.

Ever since I discovered that the theta brain wave state is the “threshold where the two worlds meet”—as Rumi puts it—I started training myself to hang out in that rich juicy theta-threshold every moment I can.

Theta while deep soul writing, of course, but also in the shower, staring out the window, driving the car, and slow waking in the morning. And then, there’s theta in the night.

The wee hours between 3 and 4 are the time when the jewel box opens wide.

So I knew “prayer artist” was a jewel.
A big mysterious multi-faceted jewel.

But it was only when I googled the term and saw that no one—yikes, no one—uses it, that I realized I was on my own. There would be no mentors to follow, no books to read, no teachers to study with.

This jewel, “prayer artist,” was mine to name and claim and bring to life.

And so I began.

I wanted to move slowly, but the prayers started coming really, really fast. A new one arrived every few days. And I realized I was being carried by a fast-moving mystical river of love, and all I needed to do—heck, all I could do—was not fight the river.

So I said my first yes. And the more I said yes to being a prayer artist, the more ways to be a prayer artist arrived.

  • I said yes to ending teaching my courses and began to offer Prayer Intensives. And hundreds of you came! The Goddess Forgives; My Body Heals opens tomorrow with 100 people in 6 countries! (Not everyone can be with us live, so there’s still room for you to register.)
  • I said yes to performing prayers, and Unity of Minneapolis invited me to give my first performance of “This Moment.”
  • I said yes to offering Embodied Prayer Yoga Workshops and 2 studios called. Inaugural event is at Garden of the Heart in Sarasota, Sunday, February 24—on the first anniversary of hearing “prayer artist” no less! It’s under Feb experiences
  • I said yes to a slightly crazy idea to offer Prayer Teas and the first one sold out immediately.
  • I said yes to offering Praying at the Speed of Love Retreats with musicians Timothy Frantzich and Sofia, and the first one will be at the Carondelet Center in St Paul Minnesota in June—save the dates: June 14-16.
  • I said yes to closing my radio show The Soul-Directed Life, and opening a radically different kind of show, Praying at the Speed of Love. First podcast is coming this week! I’ll send a special Notes from the Field when it’s ready.

Do you see the pattern?

I did not intellectually choose any of these new artistic expressions of prayer. They chose me.

My job is to say yes, translate what I receive into a deep mystical experience of prayer, and invite people to join me.

So I am inviting you to join me in a whole new kind of global prayer community meeting once a month to learn a new mystical prayer, pray it all month to heal our world, then come together to share our experiences and learn a new prayer.

It’s called The Creation Choir because we are creating a powerful vortex of prayer that sprays out over the world, landing in open fertile hearts, literally bringing more peace and joy and love into the earth.

This is not praying for anything; this is praying to be instruments of grace.

I didn’t plan this. I couldn’t have made this up if I wanted to. When the call to create it came—as I was reading a story in Mark Nepo’s More Together Than Alone—I confess I was sorely tempted to say no.

Because, as you might have noticed, my plate is rather full.

I love absolutely everything I’m doing. I love the prayer intensives, the live events, this newsletter, the new podcast—I love doing all of it—but it’s a lot to plan, organize, and promote. So adding something as sacred and important as a global prayer community felt like, well, maybe something I could table for the moment.

But as you can imagine, the River of Love wasn’t having it!

When I didn’t respond with a big yes right away, the river brought me a startling teaching abouthow the prayers of The Creation Choir heal the world.

It came in a Q&A with the angels in The Lotus and The Lily. I asked for some wisdom on the numeric vibration of the number 3 in 2019. They started talking about the triangle.

The angels said:

“You will notice that in a triangle there are points and each point has a purpose. It is totally different than other geometric items that you have in your world. On each point there is a significant vibration and by aligning all three together you make a creation that affects not only you but many others. Those within your specific energy field but also in the energy field of your entire planet.

And it aligns with the universe in ways that cannot be explained because they are vibrations, they are vibrations connected to love. To the love of powerful beings. At each of those points there are not only one, but many beings coming together to fill that space within the triangle to flow out to those who are ready. And that is transformational in your world. And so, dear one, it is not just for you, it is for many.

We have been waiting, dear one, for you and for those with awareness to come together, and as you come together your energies bring a light, and at each point the light is directed for many different purposes. And then, the light circles as the lights come together, each beam circles your planet and arrives wherever there is an opening and in that opening it pours forth divine love, and in that divine love energy transformation takes place.

It is guided by many beings, angels, and others, and so as you bring that energy into your space, know that you are anchored in this greater energy, and as you create in your life—create more love, create more joy—from that space dear one, you are aligning with the energies that are beyond your planet, that create transformation.”

As I listened to this cosmic teaching, I saw the image of The Creation Choir that Sandy Cromp had created for me and suddenly understood the power of the image.

Look at it.

You can see the individual praying alone in the orange semi-circle, and the community praying together in the golden yellow circle.

And then, just feel the energy of the vortex of love that emanates out from our prayers, covering the world, just like the angels described.

So yes, angels, yes, Prayer Artist, yes yes yes to creating what may well be the most sacred and important community of all, The Creation Choir.

And, for the sheer joy of it, we’ll open with a Prayer Tea.

Ever since I posted photos online of the first Prayer Tea in my home, people asked if there would ever be a global prayer tea.

Here it is!

When we gather on Sunday, March 3 at 1pm eastern (12 central, 11a mountain, 10a pacific, 8a Hawaii, 6p UK, 7p Europe) bring your tea and Emma Kupu Mitchell (originally from York England) will teach us how to make a proper cup of British tea.

As we sip, we’ll go around the circle sharing our own histories with prayer and talking about what we’re curious to experience next in our mystical prayer lives.

Then, I’ll teach you the March prayer practice: the ancient Position of Invocation to the Divine Feminine! This is how we prayed over 5,000 years ago.

Then all month long, we’ll spray Her love in a vortex of grace around the whole world.

Please watch the video I made. I tell the funny story of how this idea was handed to me.

You can register for the whole year (March through November) or pay monthly.

Either way, come and pray, so we can “create more love, create more joy…and create transformation” with a little help from the angels!

Oh, and we will be led by 4 divine teachers: Archangel Michael, ascended master El Morya, Mary Magdalene, and Mother Mary, positioned I imagine in the 4 corners of the globe.

The Creation Choir

to being instruments of grace in a global community of souls who pray…together!


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