The Astrology Forecast for 2020 is huge!

Happy Solstice! Do you feel it?

Although our modern world gives a lot of names to various winter celebrations, you are right now being bathed in the dark light of the first and most primal celebration, the Winter Solstice. And your body knows it.

You are designed to live in a world of ebbing and returning darkness and light. Your pineal gland responds to the length and intensity of sunlight each day, affecting your circadian rhythms, sleep patterns, energy levels, even what you want to eat.

I stopped celebrating Christmas and started focusing on Solstice over a decade ago. Instead of participating in the frantic, exhausting commercial dance, I give myself my favorite gifts: Quiet. Stillness. Silence. Long walks. Time with people I love.

And without fail, although I don’t ask for or expect anything, something miraculous happens during this sacred time.

On Winter Solstice night two years ago, I was awakened in the dark and clearly heard “Sophia’s Voice” in my left ear. I didn’t know what that meant, or how radically it would change my life, but how do you say no to the call to be a voice of the Divine Feminine! So I said yes, and I’m slowly discovering what it means.

If you’ve been reading these Notes from the Field for a while, you know that just two months later I was awakened with an even bigger surprise: “Prayer Artist.” I said yes to that too, and things started to happen at what can only be called the speed of love!

Saturday, as Solstice hit her peak, I went for a long walk on the trail near my home. As I walked, I looked back at what has happened since Solstice of last year. No one was on the trail, so I reviewed my year out loud. (I call this Deep Soul Talking and I highly recommend it!)

As I walked and talked, I was surprised at just how much radical change has happened.

    • In 2019, I came into my own as a prayer artist, writing a whole new genre of prayers that sound an awful lot like song lyrics.
    • I came into my own as a field guide in The Mystic creating a whole new kind of prayer intensives.
    • And then there were things that defy any label:
    • “The Goddess Rising” is, I think, an initiation ceremony activating 8 faces of the goddess in every woman. (My sister-in-law Mary’n is almost finished with the quilt!)
    • The “If I Forgave You” mystical prayer performance that heals the male-female wounds inflicted by patriarchy will have its first performance next summer.
    • And the dragon! The dragon is a whole new kind of mystical being. She has her own language, songs, stories—everything we need to remember that we are here to Make Love Visible.

I’ll be sharing all of this in 2020 and it couldn’t be a more perfect time. And not just for me. For all of us.

We are all called right now to contribute our part to the tectonic shifts happening on our planet. And it is all beginning right now under the long dark of the Winter Solstice.

Listen to the brilliant astrologer, Dr Michael Lennox in his Saturday Astro Alert as he explains the potential of 2020:

“This moment (Solstice) is profoundly powerful as a marker, whether you live in the northern hemisphere or the south, as the Sun moving into the Capricorn mansion is what is turning up the volume at this time. The solar mansion is where all the action emanates from for that month, and since Capricorn is where Pluto, Saturn, and now Jupiter are all hanging out getting ready for an unprecedented dance with each other next year; it begins now.

The Sun moving into Capricorn sets us up for the next New Moon, at 4-degrees of Capricorn that takes place on December 25th (interesting date). That New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse, so we are going to cross over the threshold from 2019 to 2020 inside the wormhole of eclipse season. We are riding the biggest wave I have seen as an astrologer in the quarter-decade that I have been doing this. I trust we are all ready, even if the anticipation is unsettling.”

Reread that last paragraph a couple times! It will help you place all the chaos happening in our world into a multi-millennial perspective.

Yes, the chaos is real. Yes, it’s appalling. But the divine feminine IS returning. She never left us, but patriarchy has worked hard to silence Her voice. But they can’t silence Her any more, because we are ALL called to be Her Voice.

Although we’ve been immersed in patriarchal systems and religions for five thousand years, patriarchy is actually the anomaly. For eons, humanity honored the goddess, seeing Her living presence in the land, in the sky, and in one another.

We are wired to embody and express Her love. And the moment to embody and express that love is 2020.

2020 is a four, the number of structure. 2020 is the time in window in which we can begin to build a post-patriarchal structure of love, beauty, story, song, communion, and community.

So the very best gift I can give you to kick off this sacred 2020 year, is an astrology forecast with the brilliant Michael Lennox.

We have been blessed to begin the last four years listening to his insights into the wisdom of our celestial brothers and sisters, the planets and the stars so that we can feel their energy and embody it.

This year, with a parade of planets in the Capricorn mansion—the mansion of structure (of course), we have the support we need to create a new kind of world.

Picture of Michael Lennox

This is Michael’s ONLY forecast anywhere this year! So it will fill to overflowing immediately. Please register right away.

The forecast will be LIVE on Monday, January 6, 2020, at 7-8:30 pm Eastern. It will be recorded in both audio and video formats and available for replays by Tuesday at noon.

The cost is $20.

2020 The Year of Reckoning Astrology Forecast

When you register you will receive a link to a “Thank you for registering” page that will have the zoom link to the live event. And the link to the password-protected resource page where you can watch the recording after Tuesday, January 7.

May your Solstice season and any and all of your personal celebrations be filled with love.

To following the wisdom of the stars to transform our world into love,


PS: Why does Michael call 2020 the year of "Reckoning?" Can't have transformation with out. Check out his introduction:

2020 Astrology Forecast

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