The magic is coming in 9 days

The year of the body--Week 50

in which we remember the ancient story and our place in the story

Friends, soul writers, mystics, and lovers of prayer,

I set out to write a very different Notes from the Field than the one you have in your hands. I had an outline. I had a plan. But when I sat down to type, this happened.

And all I could do was whisper yes. Yes, Beloved, Yes.

I'm pretty sure this prayer is for you!

The magic is coming in 9 days

In 9 Days

In 9 days, the light will pierce the darkness,
as light has since time before time

In 9 days, the seed of a divine child
will be planted in a divine mother

And the story of life begetting life
will be told once more

It may be told around Yule fires
It may be told around Christmas trees
It may be told with Shabbat candles
It may be told in mosques,
churches, temples, and fields

But none of these places own the story

The story came first
This story is the most ancient of all stories
This story is the story of life

In 9 days, an invisible new life
will nestle into your womb

In 9 days, she will oh so gently
begin to sing her song—
a song you have not heard before

In 9 days, a precious seed
of your sacred medicine

Medicine you and you alone
can present to the world
will begin to speak

She may whisper in your ear
She may walk across your dreams
She may appear at your window
She may rustle your hair

You may look in the mirror one day and—oh!
You may pick up your journal and—oh!
You may be stirring a pot,
folding clothes or staring into the fire

And oh! you realize...

You—you—are a divine mother

You—you—have received a secret gift

You—you—will soon give birth


You—you—are carrying a divine child

A child who asks you to care for her
until she is ready to fly, fly, away

In 9 days, on the eve of Winter Solstice
the ancient story of the magical return of the light
will be told once more

Are you the one telling it?
Are you the one hearing it?
Are you the one receiving it?

Are you the magician or the magic?

Or are they the same thing?

These are the mystical, magical most ancient questions we’ll explore with Rabbi Tirzah Firestone and astrologer, Emma Kupu Mitchell, as we gather on the Sunday before the Solstice and the Sunday after.

In between, we will apply the magic of a sacred ritual Rabbi Tirzah is designing for us to bring to life on the actual Solstice day in our own home.

There will be prayer, astrology, music, chant, deep soul writing, ritual, and healing--all designed to wrap you in a cloak of magic so you can begin to hear the whispers of the seed that wants to be lived in and through and as you.

The first gathering is Sunday, December 19 before the Solstice. The second is on the Sunday after, December 26.

To ensure that as many people around the world can be with us live, we’ll gather from 2-4pm Eastern

  • which accommodates friends in Hawaii where it will be 9am
  • across US, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean from 11am to 3pm
  • Ireland, UK, and Europe where it will be 7pm and 8pm
  • wee hours Sunday in much of the Pacific Rim, but not too early in New Zealand

Both gatherings will be recorded and available for viewing on a password-protected resource page on my site within 24 hours.

Abracadabra! A Winter Solstice Experience

Because this special event is so time-sensitive, it will not be offered on demand after the fact as most of my events are.

Today is your final invitation to register.

Registration will close on Friday, December 17. I'll send the Welcome email this coming Wednesday. 

I've reduced the registration to $56. Click to visit the page for this event to learn the meaning of this sacred number! 

to the saying yes to being the magician, the magical seed, and the ancient story


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