Rabbi Tirzah has some Magic for us at the Winter Solstice

The year of the body--Week 49

in which we are invited to dance with magic of the Sacred Feminine at Solstice

Friends, soul writers, mystics, and lovers of prayer,

I am just now recovering from the Lunar Eclipse on November 19, when an intense birth experience happened—a birth that will reveal something important about the life that wants to be in lived in and through and as me (and in and through and as you) in 2022.

In Notes from the Field two weeks ago, I talked about being utterly exhausted and sleeping 13 hours a night. I was not surprised to hear that many of you are sleeping more too. I am a bit less exhausted now, but still sleeping 11-12 hours a night.

So I sure didn’t feel like I was ready for the total Solar Eclipse we all experienced Saturday night!

But she came anyway. And her Sagittarius arrow pierced right through whatever remained of our well-fortified illusions about our lives, inviting us to see the truth. Or maybe I shouldn't call it an invitation; for many of us, it feels more like a command to finally see what we have been unwilling to see.

I know I’ll need a week or more of deep soul writing and probably a week or more of deep soul sleeping to begin to integrate these intense revelations of truth.

But wait—as those annoying ads always said—there’s more!

Winter Solstice is arriving on December 21. And ready or not, she is going to pierce the longest darkest night with the burst of a dawn that will carry us all the way to the longest day and the most light on the Summer Solstice next June.

Year in and year out, for time beyond time, we have gathered in community to dance in awe and wonder with this mighty moment of light.

In ancient times we gathered in tombs such as Newgrange in Ireland, stone circles such as Stonehenge in England, and astronomical observatories such as Monte Alban in Mexico to welcome the return of the Light with reverence, ceremony, story, and song.

The stories told in all these times and all these places were the stories of the magical birth of a divine child to a mother. But those stories aren’t relegated to ancient myth. They are as real today as they were ten thousand years ago.

At this sacred portal, this divine birth canal, the Light of Shechinah—call Her Our Lady, Sophia, Tara, Pele, Hecate…whatever name you love—spills starlight into our bodies and asks us to fertilize it with our prayers and our tears.

As our ancestors knew, this is a time of magic. Big magic.

And today, thanks to the wild dance of the celestial goddesses and gods—the planets and constellations—even more magic than usual awaits us.

I knew we were entering a time of magic—in large part because elemental astrologer and depth numerologist Emma Kupu Mitchell speaks to us about the celestial goings-on at all my prayer intensive gatherings. Emma helps us prepare for the latest turns and twists in the celestial dance and reminds us that it isn’t just happening in the skies, it’s happening in our bodies.

Emma and I have felt for quite a while that we need to gather as a community to honor, cherish, and integrate the sacred birthing at the Winter Solstice.

So last year, as we came to the completion of what we (ha ha) thought would be the end of a year of Covid, we asked Rabbi Tirzah Firestone to lead us in a special Winter Solstice event.

This inaugural Winter Solstice gathering was a truly holy experience filled with prayer, astrology, music, chant, deep soul writing, ritual, and healing.

Rabbi Tirzah sent an email last month asking Emma and me if we’d like to talk about a Winter Solstice event for this year. When we got on zoom, Emma took us straight to the big celestial events that bracket the Solstice:

  1. Venus goes retrograde on Dec 19, guiding our values, the power of our love, and our sacred heart magic.
  2. Saturn and Uranus have their final square on Dec 24, the culminating faceoff between authority and the magic of freedom.
  3. Jupiter moves into Pisces on Dec 28, giving us a glimpse of what's to come in April 2022 at the conjunction with Neptune, which hasn’t happened since 1856. Neptune is about dreams, imagination, spirituality, your mystical connection to true magic of the Sacred Feminine.

Do you hear the theme?

The one word repeating in all three massive dances is magic. So of course, when Tirzah went to work to design the flow of the event, she came back with Abracadabra!

Did you know that Abracadabra! is a Hebraic term? It means: I speak thus I create!

So Abracadabra! is not a pretend-to-be-magic word. It’s the real deal. And it could not be a more perfect name for our very special Winter Solstice gatherings.

The first gathering is on Sunday, December 19 before the Solstice. The second is on the Sunday after, December 26. In between, Tirzah will give us a personal prayer and release ritual to conduct on our own on the actual Solstice day where we live.

To ensure that as many people around the world can be with us live, we’ll gather from 2-4pm Eastern:

  • which accommodates friends in Hawaii where it will be 9am
  • across the US, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean from 11am to 3pm
  • Ireland, UK, and Europe where it will be 7pm and 8pm
  • wee hours Sunday in much of the Pacific Rim, but not too early in New Zealand

So 2-4pm Eastern is a great clock time to gather in a truly global community to dance with the Magic of Love in the planets, in the Sacred Feminine, in Hebrew and modern prayer, and in our own bodies.

The big truth is She is ready to give birth to Her precious divine child in each one of us.

Abracadabra! A Winter Solstice Experience

Rabbi Tirzah, Emma, and I do hope you will join us to pray 2021 on her way and open to receive the magic of 2022 as she dances her way to us on the streams of Solstice light.

Everything is recorded if you can't be with us live. This event will not be available on demand after the fact. Today is your first invitation to register. Registration will close on Friday, December 17.

I've reduced the registration to $56. Click to visit the page for this event to learn the meaning of this odd amount!

to the magical seeds that come when we open to welcome the Light and Love of Shechinah  


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