The Queen of Magicians sent you a letter

2023 the year we learn to listen to life

Week 11--in which The Queen of Magicians sends a letter!

Still round the corner there may wait
a new road or a secret gate
and though I oft have passed them by
a day will come at last when I
shall take the hidden paths that run
West of the Moon, East of the Sun

J.R.R. Tolkien

Friends, soul writers, mystics, witches, and lovers of prayer,

At this moment—this very week—we stand at a threshold. A cosmic birth canal. Magic is afoot. And you know it. You can feel it. You can feel it in your body. Although you may not understand what you are feeling.

Humans been talking about the dawning of the Age of Aquarius for a long long time, but as we feel her early contractions, it’s easy to flinch.

The news, being ever so helpful, tells us to be afraid, be very afraid.

Because…well, bank failures.

We’ve been through this. When Pluto crashed into Capricorn in 2008-2009, it wasn’t pretty. Banks fell. Housing values disappeared. People lost jobs and homes.  So, we shouldn’t be surprised that banks are failing again, just as Pluto completes his time in Capricorn. Looks like he won’t leave until he finishes forcing us to look at what has been hidden.

And then, there’s the ongoing dance with Covid—the tee-tiny virus that continually outsmarts us clever humans who think we can outwit its ability to evolve on the spot. Quarantine was dramatic and it had surprising consequences. It revealed intractable inequity, systemic unfairness that we had been unwilling to see. It changed the way we work, where we work, how we work—and inspired many of us to ask the bigger question: Why? Why do I work?

It’s been a wild fifteen years. Filled with storms, fires, floods, drought, quakes, wars, and the rise and fall of emperor-wanna-bes who thought they were invincible.

Everything is shifting, changing. The world we’ve known is leaving the stage. But then, what? We’ve lived in a patriarchal, hierarchal, winner-take-all culture for so long that most of us can’t even imagine another way. (Except maybe John Lennon)

But instead of being afraid, I invite you to celebrate. To sing. To dance. To open your arms.

Because on Tuesday, March 21, magic arrives.

It arrives with the new moon in Aries at 1:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time (gotta love that sequence) just hours before the Vernal Equinox. The arrival of the two together is rare.

Even rarer is the degree. This dark moon initiates a whole new lunar year in Aries—the first sign in the Zodiac, the “I am” sign. But look at the degree: Aries 00° degrees, 49’ arc minutes.

A true new beginning. And because this new lunar cycle begins at 00‘, that means that the next cycle will open still in Aries. Only at the tail end of the sign at 29° degrees and 50’ arc minutes. This is very rare.

The portents speak of new ideas, new beginnings, new life, new possibilities. New ways of becoming a new “I am.” It’s a perfect moment to welcome the Age of Aquarius—a way of living we have never experienced. A way of life that each of us is called to create.

The only Age of Aquarius is the one we become.

And the only way we can step up to, and into, that calling is to Become—Become the whole and holy being we came here to be.

The title for that fully awake, alive, and vibrant human is Witch.

Not the supposedly evil witch that patriarchy created to silence and murder wise women, but the original, holy, wild, feral, delicious woman—and man—who knows how to commune with the world. The real world. The world in which everything is alive, conscious and intelligent.

Because everything isn’t a thing after all, everything is a who. We live among everywho.

How does a vibrant witch commune with that alive and startling world?

  • with eyes that see beyond what the eye can see
  • with ears that hear what physical ears do not
  • with a mind that reaches far beyond the brain
  • with a body that touches and is touched by all life
  • with an ephemeral body that can go anywhere she is called

This is the sacred witch Our Lady Queen of Magicians has called me to be. The witch she asked me and six mystic friends to teach others to become in Mystica InnerVersity.

The witch she now invites you to become.

She sent you a letter.

Here’s the envelope.

Take a close look at the Mystic Mail stamp. That’s Mystos traveling at the speed of love West of the Moon, East of the Sun.

Do you feel ready to open your letter?

Turn it over and look at the back.

Take a good long look at the wax seal.

Take a deep slow breath.
Crack the seal.
And read your letter.


I suggest you follow her instructions.

Pick up a pen and write your acceptance.
Or put your hands on your heart and speak it aloud.

Mystos will pick up your desire and fly it back to the Queen of Magicians before you take another breath!

And don't forget to register on the link below the Mystica InnerVersity crest.

Everything you need is on the page: fun video to meet your "professors", the 5 intuitive senses, detailed description of content, registration options, and explanation of the copious goodies you will receive.

Including a WILD bonus video on startling timing we are in PLUS the Dragon Constellation with Marcia Wade and Emma Kupu Mitchell.


The A.R.T. of Becoming a Witch: How to Awaken, Remember, and Trust Your Body's Natural Intuitive Senses

Don't wait. We open next Sunday, March 26 and run through June 11.

Simply perfect timing to become the witch you came here to be to help create The Age of Aquarius.

to the A.R.T of becoming a whole and holy, wildly happy, witch magician!


PS: All this entrancing artwork is by Her Sacred Artist Cathy Pratt who is one of your professors on seeing what you do not see. She even designed a Mystic InnerVersity journal for us!

PPS: If you missed any of the three previous newsletters introducing your five intuitive senses, Mystos the Raven, and the Mystic InnerVersity Crest, they're all available on my website under BLOG


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